Tuesday, February 20, 2018


He may be growing a little on us...

Monday, February 19, 2018

Sleepy Heads

These two slept hard Friday night... it had been a full week of extra excitement with Valentine's day.  And when we woke up on Saturday morning these two were hard at work on writing books.  Little authors started before the sun was up at 6:00am.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Celebrate Friday

We really look forward to Friday afternoons, Mama and the boys!  And sometimes we celebrate in the car on the way home!


Thursday, February 15, 2018

A Day Full of Love

Yesterday was a day we celebrated how much we love each other and our boys.  We love the people that help us take care of these two little gifts and we packed our day full of moments to just be together.

The day began at 2am when we both heard David in the family room.  Angie got up to check on him and he was wide awake reading on the couch... a new book he brought home from school the day before.  Angie convinced him it was time to sleep, but he really just wanted to read.
At 5:00 Angie left for a run with a friend and was back home by 5:30...  In time to make cookies for Adam's party, chocolate covered strawberries for David's teacher, and special red heart chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast for the boys.  Plus she needed to finish packing lunches, both boys opted for morning baths, and there was the want to spend time together.  Adam came down stairs at 6:30 and woke Greg and David.  Our morning was off to a bustling start.

 our squeaky clean valentine off to school...
 And this one off to Stroller Strides...

On our way to school we saw our friends and they had a flat tire so we were lucky enough to take two special friends to school with us on valentines day!
Adam actually had his party at school on Tuesday... his sweet teacher sent pictures because families don't attend preschool parties as they try to keep them very low key.  Adam had pizza, and apples, he decorated a cookie, and exchanged valentine cards with his friends.

On Valentines morning Adam actually had a stroller strides party... this is why Angie made cookies.  There were way more treats than children and Adam didn't want to try any of it because he is a chocolate only kind of guy!


 The kiddos made bags for their valentine cards and exchanged cards with each other...

 Mama and her littlest valentine

Then it was time to run home shower and head to David's party.  Mimi offered to watch Adam because of course little siblings were discouraged with complete understanding from this former first grade teacher!
David's party began with a few rounds of BINGO - which was a little slow for our guy...

 Then it was time to decorate a cookie...
 A quick picture with Mama's other little valentine...
 And then time for exchanging cards!
 The party ended with a read aloud by David's teacher.  She is a saint... and after all of the sugar and excitement all of these little first graders were fully engaged in this story.

Angie took David home an hour early from school... we think this is a first.  We went straight back to Mimi's house to exchange valentines and pick up Adam.

 Angie tried for a picture... both boys were against her the whole time...

 When we arrived home, about the time David would have been arriving by bus, there was a package waiting for the boys.  Gram and Grandad sent their love too to the boys!  It is so much fun to receive a package in the mail!

We ended our night with Angie not having to cook!  We knew the boys would need something somewhat nutritious.  We also know Luby's offers kids eat free on Wednesday's.  So, we headed there and to top it off we had a gift card to use for the two adult meals.  We had a nice family dinner at Luby's for free on Valentine's Day.  Adam fell asleep on the way home.
We capped off the night reading David one of his new books he received that morning from us.
And we realized how special this day can be with little moments to show just how much we do love each other!
Happy Valentine's Day!