Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Impromtu Photo Shoot

Saturday we celebrated Greg with a little dinner and while we were out we found a great photo  spot.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Celebrating Greg

At church the boys made Greg some funny treasures.  This was promotion Sunday so Adam actually moved up to David's class.  And David helped Adam with his fill in the blank page for Greg...
From David:

 From Adam:

After church we made a stop for lunch.  How thankful we are for this dad that shows our boys, love, patience, kindness, generosity, and joy.  Greg thank you for all of your hard work for our family!

At Vacation Bible School David made Greg a coaster for Father's Day.
And at preschool Adam made Greg a coaster.  We have been saving this gift, hidden for a month.  Angie almost forgot about it.
 And Adam also had this sweet card in the gift bag too.
Greg we hope you know just how thankful we are for you!
Happy Father's Day!

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Happy Fathers Day

" A good father is one of the most unsung, unpraised, unnoticed, And yet one of the most valuable assets in out society."  ~ Billy Graham

 Our boys are so fortunate that Greg enjoys being their dad so much.  He loves to tell jokes, make up stories, play in the backyard or in the playroom.  He cheers them on, tucks them in at night, and makes every day fun.

Even a restaurant can be fun with Daddy!
 And how fortunate Angie and Greg are to have their dads that would still do just about anything we ever needed.  How loved we are by these fathers - they still take care of us or our boys whenever we need it!

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Live Fully Alive - Amped!

This week we spent learning about how much Jesus loves us at two different churches.
David's best friend, who is moving Tuesday to Chicago, joined us in the mornings at our church for our Vacation Bible School.  Then at night David joined Harvey at his church for Vacation Bible Club.
These boys had a great week together, but they were exhausted.
Monday was color day.  The boys had to wear the color of their class - Adam was green 5's.  Harvey and David were first grade red!

 Tuesday was crazy hair day - these boys had orange and green glow in the dark stripes.  Adam opted for all orange glow in the dark.

 Harvey and David were chosen to play the game in assembly that morning.

 Angie's music team with crazy hair!
 In preschool, Adam was adding the bible lesson each day to a cut out of himself... he decided to turn himself into an alien.
 Tuesday night at Harvey's church they made courage cuffs and capes - their VBC was hero themed.
 Wednesday was neon day!  We needed a bright spot to wake us up... Wednesday we are always tired.

 We were also collecting toiletrie items for our church in El Salvador for part of missions this week.
 Adam in assembly on Wednesday...
 Ms. Emily chose him to be a part int the play... Angie was shocked he wanted to do it!

 Adam's preschool class... we loved his teachers.  And one of them was his teacher last year.  He also knew the youth helpers well because they are children of our close church friends... it was a great week for Adam too!

 Neon day with the music team.
 Thursday was pajama day.  And the boys all had fun with matching pajamas!
 This is a favorite memory of the week.


 Adam and Patrick in assembly.
 Music Team on Pajama day!

 Thursday night Adam wanted to stay at Harvey's church too... they were exhausted Friday.
Adam prayed for the entire VBC at Harvey's church on the microphone - another shocker.  And he won a game.  David got best camper this night... he knew the bible verses from the entire week.
 Friday morning at Riverbend was crazy sock day...

 Best Friends!
 Ms. Susan - David says "Ms. Susan is my favorite church friend!"  We love our children's pastor!
 Rehearsal for Friday night...
 Elementary practice for Friday night...

 Picking Adam up Friday from his class Angie saw these sweet memories of the week hanging on the wall... if you need to remember their is good in the world read the thoughts of these five year olds!

 Adam with Gracie - his other youth helper.
 They LOVE Gracie!
 Friday we met Harvey's sister and mom for lunch!
Harvey's mom is David's kinder teacher and we are devastated that Adam will not have her.
We didn't get to attend the last night of Harvey's VBC because we had VBS performance at our church. One picture... just couldn't do it - BOYS! 

 But they will for Gracie!
And Daddy!
 Our local Christian Radio station came... and
 David won a dog from Schliterban.
 And Adam won two tickets to Schliterban.
 Almost time for the show!

Preschool sang first!

 Then Elementary...

So much fun this week growing closer to JESUS!
Tuesday morning as we were driving to VBS Adam said, "Harvey are you AMPED to come to VBS?"  We had fun with an extra crew member in out car this week!