Saturday, July 31, 2010

70 Days

10 weeks ago we were rewarded with a gift we had waited years to receive. It is amazing how deep your heart can grow in such a short amount of time. It is almost unbelievable that our Heavenly Father loves us even more than the love that we feel for David. We are truly grateful that David was chosen to join our family. It seems that with each day we are blessed even more. David's name means The Beloved One.

David just born - 7 pounds 14 ounces
(Greg leaving the OR to walk David to the nursery)

David 10 weeks - 12 pounds 2 ounces

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Family Movie Night

Aunt Christie gave David a couple of Baby Einstein DVD's before he was born. We thought we would view one last night with David.

at first he did not notice the television, he was staring at his blanket

we waited for him to notice ...

he finally caught a movement on the television. He watched his movie long enough for us to set the table for dinner

When we were finally ready to eat David began to get fussy. He joined us at the dinner table just in time for the blessing and to watch us eat. It seems a little cruel that David can see and smell our meals but cannot eat them - guess he does not know what he is missing.

Our first family movie night was about 4 minutes.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cousins Cousins

We were thrilled to learn that Greg's cousins and Aunt were coming from Hillister Texas to meet David. The men had to stay behind and work, but we were excited that the girls were making time to come, especially after the very busy summer that they have had. We only see this side of Greg's family twice a year. We always enjoy our visits and were so happy that they were willing to drive about 5 hours to meet what we think is the perfect baby.
Aunt Cindy, Stacy, Morgan, and Macy arrived Tuesday afternoon and left this morning. David received quite a bit of attention. Greg's parents, brother and sister-in-law, nieces and nephew, aunt and cousins made for plenty of helpers willing to change diapers, feed David, rock him, read to him, talk to him. David would smile, talk back, and rest in the arms of his cousins.
Thank you for going out of your way to meet one of your newest cousins.
Greg's cousins Stacy will be referred to as the baby whisperer. She was able to get David to fall asleep 3 times, Angie is unable to do this during the day when she is by her self.
very comfortable with cousin Stacy

David very much enjoyed his cousin Morgan. He would giggle and talk to her more than most anyone else

Morgan was a great help with feeding and holding David, they both seemed to enjoy it!
relaxing with Cousin Morgan

Morgan gave David a special Mohawk and "popped his collar"
hanging out with the cousins

Aunt Cindy and Stacy brought gifts for David. Krista and Jake were anxious to open these for David...

Krista helping

Jake helping

The cousins were very concerned that David needed to see the gifts as they were being opened
This was the view most of the evening - David had lots of attention given to him

Macy work up early so that she could play with David before anyone else was awake - it was hard to have one on one time with David
then Jake joined Macy and David

David wanted to snuggle with Aunt Cindy - he as trying to bury his face in her blouse - she was not expecting this

very happy with Aunt Cindy

cousins loving on their cousin- this was not a staged photo - they really did just stand around and look at David

already time to go ... cousins minus two - Krista had already left for soccer practice and David was fussy

Monday, July 26, 2010

Sweet Bella

Poor Bella had to wait nine weeks before making it back to the dog park. Before David arrived she visited several times a month. She does walk with us in the evenings and Greg runs with her several times a week. But - there is nothing like running free. Yesterday Bella finally made it back to the Bark Park!

she loves the mud

after swimming in the doggie pools

running, running, running

chasing a bird

Bella almost always has no interest in other dog - yesterday she did - showed us how much she needs attention

playing chase

seems to be a running theme - everyone in our house can't get enough of Greg - Angie, Bella, and David...
Where is David you ask . . .

sound asleep

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Wonderful Week

The week began with a surprise visit from Angie's sister and her family. Then, Tuesday Angie's parents came to visit for the week. Angie was thrilled they were coming and Greg enjoys Angie getting excited about their visits. Angie is very close to her family and wishes that they all lived closer!
While here Angie had a long list of things that she wanted to get accomplished. Things like cleaning out closets, drawers, going to the DMV, working on David's baby book, cleaning windows, etc.... These are projects that take a while and she could not finish by herself with David. Angie has checked off all of the items that she was wanting to finish during their visit. Plus Greg and Angie were able to attend a meeting at church together Wednesday night and we had date night Friday night. David had lots of time with his Grandparents and seemed very happy about the extra holding and playtime he received! Angie and Greg are appreciative of the extra help!

The afternoon they arrived Gram and Grandad had story time with David. Gram would turn the pages and Grandad would read the story. David seems to enjoy looking at the pages of books.

Gram went to stroller class Thursday with David and Angie. She is entertaining David before leaving so Angie can pack the car. He was talking to Gram.

Grandad introducded David to the remote control. He seems happy about this new gadget. Every time Grandad would hold it up David would giggle and smile then he would talk to it.

We even had a shopping trip to the Domain. David of course got hungry while shopping. Gram was happy to take care of it.

Lunch at the Domain where once again David was hungry. Grandad gave up his lunch time to feed David lunch.

David took many little naps as long as someone was holding him. Here is David in his sleeping position with hands over head while Grandad holds him - he seemed pretty comfortable!

Gram had her turn too. David seems to prefer being held over your shoulder and this day he fell right to sleep.
Thanks Bruce and Sherry for a great visit!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Favorite Place

David turns nine weeks old today. In the last 2 weeks or so David has been most content on his changing table. He can be fussy and restless, but if you lay him on his changing table he is happy instantly. There is a blue sign that hangs above his changing table that he just laughs at, talks to, and smiles for. We are not sure why it fascinates him so, but we love to let him lay and talk. This morning Greg was changing his diaper after he woke and this is video of David talking to his sign. Instead of 9 week pictures we thought we would post a nine week video.

Ok, so had to edit this post to add this picture taken after his bath this morning.

Happy nine week birthday David!

Date Night

Last night we had our first official date night since the birth of David 8 weeks ago, actually nine weeks today. We went out to dinner at a restaurant just 10 minutes from our home, Gumbo's on 620. We sat on the patio and listened to the live music while we enjoyed our dinner. Angie realized she did not have much to talk about because her entire world is wrapped up in David. However, Greg was able to tell Angie about things happening at work that we really don't make time to discuss when David is around. We very much enjoyed our almost 3 hours together, but were both ready to see David by the time our dessert arrived.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Where is David?

Once a week David has a play date at Greg's parents. Angie drives him over to their house for a few hours. She is able to run errands and David spends time with his Mimi and Grandpa Ed. This week David spent Tuesday with them. Angie went home to clean house. As she cleaned she thought she kept hearing David cry. She would quickly remember he was not home and get back to work. It is strange how you never stop listening for your child - as soon as they are born your ears are working over time. Angie loves that she can get things checked off of the To Do List, but is always ready to pick David up.
Here are a few pictures from David's time at Mimi and Ed's house.

David on Mimi and Ed's bed - he loves Mimi's bears

Happy Grandbaby

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bed Time

David is happiest first thing in the mornings and right before bedtime. He seems to enjoy his room. He will lay in his crib and on his changing table laughing and talking for long periods of time. He is also most playful during these times. Tonight we captured some of that happiness before bedtime.
David is lying on a new quilt that one of Greg's co-workers made just for David. It is pretty special. She knew how important Bella is to us and she found material that was dog themed to make the quilt - we all love it - David, Bella, Angie, and Greg. Thanks Justine!
David and Bella enjoying the new quilt together

PJ's on - relaxing with Daddy

a happy baby boy

laughing with Daddy

David watches Greg's every move - he is mesmerized by him

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Surprise Visitors

The phone rag this afternoon and it was Angie's sister. Angie's family had been visiting friends in the Hill Country this weekend. Angie really wanted to go, but because of the Texas heat we did not think it was the best choice for David. They spent the weekend outside on the river, had a cookout and even made smores in a town called Junction. It is about 3 hours from Round Rock. So, when Christie called and mentioned that they were thinking they may stop by for an hour Angie was surprised and very excited. Of course she wanted to see her family.
Greg's family lives in Round Rock and will call to drop by when out and about, but Angie has never received a call from her family for a spontaneous visit. It changed her mood and she could not wait for them all to arrive. This visit was way too fast as it has been about 3 weeks since her last visit with family, but it was better than no visit at all. Here are a few pictures from the visit.

David loves to look at faces - they are all happy to see each other

Uncle Brian

Aunt Chrisite

It is hard to get two little boys to look at the camera at the same time...
Luke looking

David looking

Luke pushing David in his swing

Luke's highlight when he visits - Bella - Bella enjoys it too!!
tug-of-war with Bella

Already time to say Good-Bye