Monday, August 30, 2010

100 days

Today we are spending our 100th day with David. I guess it is time that we stop counting David's age in days. It is nice that Greg took off today and our whole family is together. David is just a happy baby and getting bigger every day.

Since we picked him up yesterday from Greg's parents he has been unusually tired. He has spent much of the last two days napping. He was kept busy with his 3 cousins to play with all weekend. David even slept through the night, something he has not done in a few weeks. Here he is rocking and sleeping in his swing, he looks so big now.
We thought we would try out a new toy today. He has a Jump-a-Roo that was given to him by our friends the Cox's. Angie has been wanting something new to play with during the day when she and David are home. So, Greg put it together. David has recently begun pushing on his feet, "standing" when we hold him. With this in mind we thought he would love jumping. We measured him and he is growing longer, 2 feet 1 inch - so yes he is ready for his new toy we thought. When Greg placed him in it he still did not touch the ground. No jumping quite yet, but he did like the lights, music, and toys that surrounded him!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Love This Man

Note to reader: Angie is writing this post
In March Greg and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary. At the time I was 8 months pregnant and beginning to feel fairly uncomfortable. For our anniversary Greg surprised me with a weekend to the Lake Austin Spa. He thought I would enjoy a nice relaxing massage and get a way. However, I felt like doing nothing and so my thoughtful husband called to change the date of our trip
Well, we took our get a way trip this weekend. It was hard to leave David, much harder than I imagined. He was in good hands with Greg's parents and we were only 30 minutes away, but I felt like I was missing something all weekend. I even carried a cloth napkin out of the restaurant because I am so used to always carrying a burp cloth
Greg had everything planned perfectly for us. Once we arrived we wished we had brought Greg's "fancy camera" because the grounds were so beautiful. We had a lake house room; it looked out onto a garden that backed up to the lake. He had massages scheduled for us Saturday evening. He made sure I had time to swim and relax by the pool. We even had time to sit out on our "front porch “and just enjoy each other. Greg has always tried to get me to do physical exercise on our vacations, but I always want to sleep in. This trip however, he had no problem getting me to join him as I have lots of baby weight to lose. We lucked out and had cool mornings, unusual for August in Austin. We ran around the lake and worked out in the gym that looked out onto the lake. We swam laps in the lap pool. I have to admit extra sleep would have been nice, I have not slept through the night in about a year, but I did feel good after our workout
It was so fun to have this time together. I do so much enjoy being with Greg, he just makes me happy. David enjoys Greg too! David lights up and smiles when he sees his Daddy.
Something that continued to play in my mind this weekend was a time that was difficult for us... the years it took to become pregnant. During this time adoption was a topic of conversation. Greg was comfortable with the idea, but as much as I wanted to be I just was not ready to accept adoption. I continued to pray for a child, not because of a need to be pregnant, but because I could not wait to see Greg in our children. And then, we found out we were expecting a baby boy. When we finally met David I saw Greg in him from day 1. We were given exaclty what I had asked for - Greg in our children. I hope that one day David can make someone just as happy as Greg makes David and I... we love this man!

Thank you Greg for such a thoughtful, fun, and relaxing weekend!

fun in the hammock

waiting at the spa

our first course at dinner, I did not get to take any more shots because Greg took the camera away. He did not like me looking like a tourist

enjoying our front porch, our neighbor offered to take our picture

How could you not relax here...

Saturday, August 28, 2010


is what we think of David. Today marks 14 weeks with him and every day we think he is getting just a bit cuter. This week David began grasping and exploring his toys with his hands and mouth. He is also pulling his shirts towards his mouth and tasting. That is why you will notice he is now spending some of his day with just a diaper. This is something Angie said she would never do... here she is not only letting David play without a shirt, but sharing pictures of it. She gets tired of changing him into a dry shirt only to have it wet within a few minutes.
Also this week David moved into his third size of diapers. Nothing real eventful about this except that he is growing oh so fast. As you can tell we are still thrilled to be David's parents!

waking up from a nap - sitting up in his bed

taking a break from practicing rolling over

getting ready to taste some toys

Friday, August 27, 2010

They're Back

Mimi and Grandpa Ed returned from Europe this week. They were so kind to think of us on their travels. David received his first souviners from their trip. We think he will look very cute in his new attire come next spring.

David exploring wrapping paper with his hands and mouth. He also liked the ribbon.

cute sweater vest with a Scottie dog

a soccer uniform - Greg's favorite sport and favorite color

a t-shirt from Holland

Greg enjoys watching the Tour - now they both have a shirt to watch it in together

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Future Chef?

Several nights during the week Greg is not home from the clinic until 8:30 or 9:00 p.m. Angie has always waited to eat dinner until he is home. Since David arrived she has waited to even begin cooking dinner until Greg returns home because she did not want David around the oven or stove. However, this week it finally occurred to her that she could chop veggies and get dinner started with David in his high chair.
Angie thought David would enjoy cooking. They went out to our garden picked the veggies and herbs for dinner. Angie pulled up David's high chair to the island. She rinsed the ingredients that had picked and began chopping. You can see that David looks just as thrilled about watching Angie cook as he did when he was watching
soccer and football with Greg. Maybe cooking is not part of David's future either.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Best Friends - MAYBE?

It is difficult for Bella as she continues to adjust to very little attention these days. However, David is showing more and more excitement as he notices her come in and out of a room. One day Bella will get attention again - maybe not as much from us, but from David.

getting all of our attention

happy, happy, happy

Bella tried to get attention, she brought toys to us to play with, sat in Angie's lap, barked, and when none of this worked she went upstairs to her kennel, drug out her favorite blanket, and made her own bed at the foot of our bed.

Bella curious about David's toys - notice she knows she is not allowed to play with them - she has her own basket of toys

David trying to get Bella's attention - he tracks her as long as he can see her

David just being cute... or so we think

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A New Car

Well Greg has been looking at new cars for about 3 months. It was time as his was wearing out. He test drove and brought home many different makes and models to try out. The funny thing is what we were wanting most in his new car was comfortable seats. Angie told Greg that meant we were old. We did not look for gadgets, fancy accessories, etc... we wanted comfy seats. In Greg's previous car we were both uncomfortable for all 7 years that we had it. In the end, Greg ended up with the exact same car he had before - a black Ford Explorer Sport Trac. They have made improvements to the seats, and so Greg has a newer version of his old vehicle.

Monday, August 23, 2010

13 Again

This week is David's 13th week of life and today is Uncle Jason and Aunt Amy's 13th wedding anniversary. We hope you had a little time together today to celebrate 13 years - we love you!

No Place Like Home

Now that David is a little older Angie tries to venture out with him more often. She now has a bit of a schedule and knows his patterns during the day. However, when they return home at the end of an outing David always lets out a big sigh as if to tell Angie there is no place like home!
Here are a few pictures of David relaxing - it does seem he is very comfortable at home.

after setting the table for dinner Angie turned around to notice David had his feet up relaxing at the dinner table , he is already dressed for bedtime

happy after he finished his dinner - feet up and full

first thing in the morning - David is relaxing and watching t.v. in his jammies - he is all smiles when he awakes in the morning

kicked back waiting for mom and dad to finish dinner

in the August heat it gets hot outside - after returning from a long evening walk David is cooling off on the couch before getting ready for bed

Sunday, August 22, 2010

3 and 3

Three months ago today we became a family of three.
Today we celebrate three months with David and we could not be happier.
What we have learned about David:
he is happiest in the early mornings and right before bed
he enjoys a bath
he likes to watch faces and now even television
he likes being read to
he thinks singing is funny
he enjoys being entertained
he does not like his car seat
he does not like being left by himself in a room
he does not like to be hungry
he is not a napper

This week he began:
to notice tree branches above him
holding toys and blankets
high pitched squealing

24 hours old - our 2nd day with David

4 weeks with David (father's day weekend)
7 weeks with David

12 weeks with David (his baby dedication Sunday)

David's 3 month picture (91 days old today)

From the fullness of His grace, we have all received one blessing after another. - John 1:16

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Almost Over

You may be thinking that we are talking about summer being almost over or Angie's leave being almost over, but we have something else that is almost over.
David is working on rolling over and he is almost over. His pediatrician says this is a 4 month skill and David will be 3 months soon, so we are practicing. Hopefully we will make this 4 month milestone, here is what we have so far....
David on his back

turning to his side

not sure what just happened

proud of his trick