Thursday, September 30, 2010

Finally Over

David has been working on rolling over for a while and tonight he surprised Angie. She was helping David practice when all of a sudden she could not believe her eyes - he just flipped right over. He had been doing tummy time and then was hanging out on his side. Angie thought he would go back to his stomach, but instead he rolled to his back. He was so proud of himself. He kicked his legs and squealed with a great big smile. She put David on his stomach a second time and he rolled to his side again and hung out - then just flipped over. The third time she barley had time to see David just roll immediately from his stomach to his back. He is learning so much everyday. We are still amazed at the privilege of being David's parents. We are so very proud of our baby boy!

Tummy time

David hanging out on his side


Celebrating - David is so proud

Play Date

Tuesday Angie and David had a play date after music class. Angie's friend Abbi has twin boys that David loves to visit. Angie and Abbi began teaching in Round Rock the same year and enjoy adult company during the day. Thanks Terrell's for such a fun afternoon.

David playing with the boys soccer rattle - Garrett and Wyatt were great with sharing

Garrett helping get David's bottle ready

Wyatt reading with his Mommy - he did not care for Abbi giving David attention - this was not a problem in the past

trying to get all three boys to sit for a picture - never worked!

David ready for a cold morning in the park - this was taken yesterday before Stroller Strides

Monday, September 27, 2010

Time Well Spent

We had another fast and fun family weekend. It is amazing how fast time moves and what we pack into a day when Greg is able to help Angie with David.
This weekend Greg had his PT department from work over for a backyard BBQ. The weather held out for us. There were about 24 people here - we ate, played ping pong, washers, and ladder golf. David enjoyed all of the attention. He had plenty of helping hands to hold him, thank goodness. After everyone left Greg said, "It is hard to have people over when you have a baby. Here are just a few pictures - Angie forgot to take pictures until everyone was getting ready to leave

Scott holding David Scott

Julie, Justine, Marc, and Jenny
Chris and Julie holding baby Jack - he is 6 weeks younger than David
Jack belongs to Marc and Jenny

Kai at the front door ready to leave, he has a bed time of 7:30 ...

here he is as he puts on his Mommy's shoes trying to get his family out the door

This is Kai's older brother Micha. He was looking so cute on his way out for the night.
About 7:30 Greg was feeding David his cereal; remember he has had no nap. David was sluggish with no expression as Greg was feeding him, not typical of David. At bite number 4 Greg looked at David and saw this:

Yes, he slept in the middle of the kitchen through the loud adult conversation for 45 minutes. Poor baby was exhausted. He ended up sleeping until 6:15 Sunday morning. He also took 4 naps on Sunday - our morning was restful as we let David catch up on his rest.
Sunday afternoon we attended one of our nephew's soccer games. We did not bring the camera - wish we had, David loved watching the boys run up and down the field. He was very happy despite the cold front blowing in. David was bundled up in 3 blankets looking very cute as he watched Jake run and run. Greg is looking forward to David loving the game of soccer.
We returned home from the game and took a walk to the park at the end of our street. David had his first time in a baby park swing. He seemed to enjoy the wind blowing his face. Bella came too and had a fun time chasing the birds. What a wonderful fall evening we had.

David had his fifth turn with cereal when we got home. He seems to enjoy the first few bites and then wants no more. He much prefers drinking his milk.
We finished our weekend with a great Stroller Strides workout this morning. David was bundled up and ready for the cool morning. He loved the wind and watching the trees move. He wore a hat today to keep his little head warm. As Angie and David were driving to the park for class she looked back and saw that David had pulled the hat down over his face, so his face was in the hole that his head should have been in. He was not upset, but Angie pulled over anyway because she was afraid he may not be able to breath. They are still working on a car ride that she does not have to pull over for some reason or another....
Ready for Stroller Strides

Thursday, September 23, 2010


At David's 4 month well check yesterday we were told he is able to begin "solids." So, last night we tried organic brown rice cereal for the first time. Greg had a turn feeding David first. The cereal was more like soup; we made it very runny. Here is David's reaction to his first taste of something other than milk.

Here is the second bite...

And the third bite...

Daddy fed David his first few bites... David has joined us most nights for dinner. He is very observant as we have taken bite after bite in front of him, he was eager to open his mouth for a bite.

This might just be ok...

David tries another bite.
This time he seems a little more unsure of this substance.

Now Mommy gets a turn... David gets ready as he watches for the spoon...

each bite becomes a little less tasty -

and then it was time to stop.

In the end he seemed pretty happy and we will try again tonight for dinner!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Falling into Four Months

Today is David's official 4 month birthday. We cannot believe how fast our time is moving with David, it seems as if we were just meeting him for the first time a few days ago. We are blessed by our healthy and happy baby boy.
He had his 4 month well check this afternoon, here are his stats:
2 Months
Head - 37 cm - 5-10%
Weight - 11 pounds 1 oz - 50%
Height - 22 1/4 inches - 25-50%
4 Months - TODAY
Head - 39.5 cm - 5%
Weight - 13 pounds 10 oz - 25%
Height - 24 1/4 inches - 25%
We told David's doctor that he has yet to really roll over. We were happy to learn that this mile stone has the largest variable and can happen between 4 months and 7 months. David is still working on it... here is a try from this week.

Also this week Angie and David did some fall decorating around the house, after all today is the first official day of fall. David does seem to notice the bright orange pumpkins - he and Angie picked those out together this week. He does not seem too interested in the scarecrow.
- Happy fall from the House's! -

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Lovin' Every Minute

Today we reach 17 weeks with David and we are enjoying the gift of being parents a little more each week. David is showing us his happy personality even through this cold he can't seem to beat. We are thankful everyday for this abundant life we have been given.

While we give David most of our attention poor Bella does most anything to get attention and pass the time. Last night she was hunting a lizard through the glass door. She is still adjusting to our newest and neediest family member.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Busy Hands

David is really beginning to use his hands. Last night he reached over and grabbed one of Angie's fingers and one of Greg's as we had him leaning back on the couch. He then pulled himself up while holding on to our fingers. He is getting stronger and busier every day. Here are some pictures that were taken of David this afternoon after returning home from a visit with Mimi. He is very much exploring with his hands and mouth.
Angie pulled out David's teethers last week. He has a favorite, this was given to us by one of Angie's childhood friends. She is an amazing mother of 4 girls and she suggested this teether, she was right. It is easy to hold while David mouths it. Today he wanted to hold it himself for the first time.

holding his teether with his hand and his jungle toy with his feet
bringing his teether to his mouth


almost in

not quite


David has also discovered his toes and is curious about what he feels...

It is fun to watch David interact with his toys. Here he is pulling one of the pieces of his jungle gym toward him. For 3 months he has just been laying and staring, now he is grabbing and pulling at the toys.

looking at himself in the mirror

tasting is better

in his mouth it goes

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What a Morning

This morning David and I were off to stroller class for a good workout. We made it early, something that is rare these days, and began class. 15 minutes into our workout David began to get fussy. I handed him some toys, not what he wanted. His cries became a little louder so, I stopped and found his pacifier. This soothed him for all of 3 minutes. He was hungry and so for the next 25 minutes I tried to workout and feed a fussy baby, I missed much of the workout.
As we were leaving David became fussy again ,but I knew he was tired and was hoping he would just fall asleep once we began driving, no luck, cried all the way home.
Upon arriving home I open the front door and immediately I knew that our dog had gone to the bathroom somewhere in our home. I put David's carrier down and began searching for the mess. My hunt led my upstairs where I found Bella had diarrhea in the hallway, office and our bedroom. With a screaming infant still in his carrier I put Bella in the backyard and began cleaning the mess. I cleaned as much as possible quickly so that I could tend to David.
I went to pick him up out of his carrier and realize that yes he is sitting in a leaking dirty diaper. So, I begin to clean up another poo mess. This takes a few minutes and then I lit a few candles and we all went outside to let our house begin to air out. The smell is tortuous.
We can't go anywhere because I have quarantined our family. David still has his cold and it seems strep throat is making its way around our neighborhood, all of the kids on our street and the street behind us have had it this week. So, here we are enjoying our little back yard hoping the smell leaves our home soon, it is only 11:00 am and I am ready to call it a day.
Happy Wednesday.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

More Cousins

Sunday afternoon we were lucky and had a visit from more cousins. These cousins drove from Waco to meet David. Angie's cousin Cody, his wife, and their 3 sons made the trip and we were so happy to see them. We usually only seem them once a year so this was a special treat. Cole happened to be turning 7 on Sunday and he chose to spend part of his special day with us. Thanks Cole - we hope you had a wonderful birthday!

David comfy with Cousin Cody

all smiles with Cousin Jessica

could not get 4 boys to sit still for a picture

Jack - 8 holding David

Cole -the birthday boy turning 7 - holding David

Rhys - 3 - wanted no pictures taken of him and was not too sure about a new cousin