Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

We enjoyed a fully packed day with David and hope that we are not exhausted all week. We love spending our time together - here is a glimpse of our day.
We began with church this morning. We are still taking David into worship with us. Today he made it through the entire service without Angie having to take him out.
After arriving home Greg checked the mail box and there was something for David. Gram and Grandad sent David a special Halloween card. He liked touching it and of course tried to put it in
his mouth.

getting ready to see what is inside the bright paper


Now it is time to carve our pumpkin. Greg is very creative and every year he impresses Angie with his work - this year David gets to help Daddy

comparing pumpkins - we are feeling the hard outside and the...

squishy inside

David was interested in the "gunk"

Daddy is beginning to carve the face

and add the finishing touches on our Jack-o-Lantern

here it is:) - but of course that is not all...

Greg added it to his skeleton in the front yard
After a short nap for David it was time to head over to Greg's parents to take a few pictures with cousins

and Mommy and Daddy

and Mimi and Kayla

Then back to our house for a neighborhood block party
Daddy and David had story time while Mommy was getting things ready; it was our last day to read our Halloween books until next year
David is really beginning to show an interest in books
helping Daddy turn the page

all good things must come to an end and David was ready to move to the next activity
leaving for the neighbors...

David with a couple of the kiddos

spooky cupcakes that our neighbor Joi made

back home - Mommy and David passing out candy

David at his messiest meal yet... good thing his costume was already off

David on his way to bed for the night - what a first Halloween we had

Hope you all had a great day with your families too
Happy Halloween from the House's

Saturday, October 30, 2010

And So It Begins

In David's little life of 5 months he has already been invited to 4 friend birthday parities and 2 cousins' parties. We missed the first 4 because David can't do much just yet, such as a swim party or bounce house party. Today however, he attended his first birthday party and we all had fun! Zak was turning 2 and had a fun costume party. We enjoyed watching so many toddlers modeling their costumes. David played on the playground and painted a pumpkin. Daddy and Mommy enjoyed a delicious lunch and yummy cupcakes - David had to just watch. We are so glad we went and next weekend we will attend cousin Luke's party and so the weekend birthday parties begin!

ready to leave for the party

The Birthday Boy - he is busy eating Chicken Nugggets and drinking juice. Zak was the count, but I missed my photo opportunity before his cape came off.

painting a pumpkin with Daddy - both have paint on their hands

the master piece - a happy face

sliding for the first time

enjoying a ride in the swing

Monday, October 25, 2010


Is this a common scene in your community?

A generous man will himself be blessed for he shares his food with the poor - Proverbs 22:9
(this is a long post, but we promise pictures of David at the end)
In mid September we were asked to be a blessing to someone in our community during a worship service at our church. We understand that it is better to give than receive, but did not know how that would change our thinking about everyday items.
During the service we were asked to take a pair of socks and find a homeless person that we could give a nice, clean ,fresh pair of socks to. Then, we were encouraged to make a care package if we desired to give along with the socks.
We took three pair of socks and a list of items for a care package with us home that Sunday.
On the way home we saw a homeless man and Greg rolled down the window at the stop light only to find that this man had already been given socks by someone else from our church.
However, at the next stop light there was another man that was standing waiting for help and when Greg offered him a pair of clean white socks - he had a look of confusion and then stated, "I could really use some new socks." And just like that we impacted, in a small way, a complete stranger.
Angie went to the grocery store later in the week to buy items for the care packages we were planning to make. She noticed however she did not pick up just a few items, she was thoughtful in her choices such as not just toothpaste, but maybe Sensodyne because it is possible there could be sensitive teeth in the mouth of someone that is unable to go to the dentist. She spent 5 minutes mulling over the perfect toothbrush and debated between types of shampoo for sometime. In this process she realized that yes we are thankful and grateful for what we have, but we don't often take the time to be thankful for a toothbrush or a simple bar of soap.
During the week Angie and David began to put the bags of supplies together; we from the beginning 4 months old at the time, want David to understand how important it is to help others. And then, well, we began to pray for the individuals that we were to find in this city that just might need a pair of socks.
Greg put the bags in his car, he drives from North Austin to South Austin everyday. It was not hard to find people that needed help. When Greg would roll down his window to give the bags to the homeless they were polite, thankful, and it surprised me they were happy to have new socks.
This has changed our family, to look for the blessing in the smallest of acts, to remember the little items in our lives we are thankful to have, and we continue to pray for those that have new socks. Last week as Greg was driving home he was about to eat the sandwich he had taken for lunch and did not have time to eat when he saw someone on the corner that needed it more than him. After all he was coming home - to a dinner with his family.
If you would like to do this in your community items included in the care package are:
bottle water
Wet Wipes
single pack snacks
candy (non chocolate)
note of encouragement

assembly line

David holding the socks

David is helping to stuff the bags

looking at all items in the bag

a bag complete

David and Bella with the packages

Sunday, October 24, 2010


We had a wonderful surprise last week when Angie's college roommate was traveling through Austin with her family. Angie has wonderful memories with Carrie and they had not seen each other in about 8 years. The last time they visited Greg was still in PT school and Carrie's husband John was in medical school.
We asked them to stay with us for the night, our visit was too quick, but we are so glad we were able to see Carrie and John and meet James and Heidi.
As Angie opened the door it was a bit surreal. Angie had a baby on her hip, Carrie had a baby on her hip, there 4 year old was walking through the door with John the doctor shaking Greg's hand another doctor. I guess we have all grown up!
Our visit was fast because Angie was back at work and worked late Wednesday evening and had to be at work early Thursday morning. Amazingly we were all up and dressed and out the door by 7:00 Thursday morning.
As they left Angie and Carrie wished each other a happy birthday. You see Angie and Carrie share a birthday and spent it together during their college years. So, when Angie could not be with her twin sister for their birthday she could still share it with Carrie. Happy Birthday Carrie - hope you too had a great one!

James early Thursday morning

Heidi early Thursday morning

David still sleeping

Angie and Carrie with their babies Wednesday night just before bedtime

Friday, October 22, 2010

The Perfect Gift

Today Angie celebrates her 34th birthday. It also happens to be the day that David turns 5 months old. There is nothing more exciting than for Angie to celebrate this birthday as a mother. This year the perfect gift was an evening at home with Greg and David; there is nothing that makes her as proud as she is when she looks at her family!

5 month pictures taken tonight of our happy baby boy.
He weighed 14 pounds and 4 ounces - a perfect gift!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Photo Shoot

Last week there was a nice surprise at the park. There was a photographer at the park Angie and David attend for Stroller Strides. Greg's parents met Angie at the park with David. Stephanie Murray of Sweet Pixel photography was offering 15 minute mini-fall sessions. This was perfect for David's attention span - she got some great shots. Her are some of our favorites.