Monday, December 27, 2010

Not What We Planned

We have been very much looking forward to David's first Christmas, but it did not turn out at all like we had planned.
Thursday Angie began feeling bad and running fever. By Friday she was feeling a little sick, but better. We went ahead with our plans and went to church for Christmas Eve services. By the time we came home Angie was running fever again and was in bed by 8:30. David awoke Christmas morning at 4:30. We could not get him back down, Angie was still running fever. We decided to have our family Christmas at 5:00, no one was sleeping anyway. By 6:30 Angie and David were back in bed asleep. Greg was cancelling our plans of being with his family by 8:00. At 11:30 David began running fever and so Angie called her family and also cancelled the plans to travel to see them.
So, for David's first Christmas it did not seem much like Christmas, except that at least the 3 of us were together and we did have about an hour of a "traditional Christmas morning."

Santa came

Daddy helping David with his stocking

first gift out of the stocking

he loved his jingle bells

Santa left a piano under the tree for David

playing with his piano

yes, Bella had a gift too

it kept her busy all morning

Daddy reading to David one of his new books

Merry Christmas
Because we were planning on being out of town for a few days we were not at all prepared to be at home and so we had nothing to eat. Greg's mom went out of her way to make us two meals before she and Greg's Dad left to go out of town, thanks Mimi and Ed. As of now, well, Greg is at the pediatrician with David. Angie is still running fever... not at all what we had planned for David's first Christmas. -
Update - Greg just returned home with David - it is confirmed he has the flu which means Angie does t00. What a first Christmas for David.

Friday, December 24, 2010


Tonight we attended the Christmas Eve service just as we have the past 8 Christmas', but this year was different. For years now every Christmas we have studied the babies at church on Christmas Eve and would think that next year we would too have a baby on Christmas. This happened for 4 Christmas' in a row. Well, this year of course we have David and are so blessed, but it made Christmas Eve different for several reasons.
One, it made me stop and reflect on my own husband and the faith that he had when I did not. He would continue to remind me that I needed to reflect on this: " Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart." Psalm 37:4. God knew we longed for a baby, but he also knew the perfect time to give us David.
Tonight this reminded me of the faith the Mary and Joseph must have had as they were given the Savior of the World. Now that we are parents and feel such pressure to make sure that David is cared for in every way, we can't imagine the pressure that fell on Mary and Joseph. They were an unwed couple expecting a baby. Joseph had to trust that Mary was telling him the truth. Mary had to trust that she was to deliver the Savior in something as dirty as a stable.
Two, I had to reflect on what was sitting in my lap tonight, David, jumping to the music and listening to the message, oh yes we have something to celebrate. All of those years I was not focused on the right things during those Christmas Eve messages. Even though I did not have a baby I had a Savior, that died for me. Regardless if I have David or not I have and had something to celebrate - The Savior of the World.
So, those of you that have suffered this year through the loss of a spouse, parent, child, job, or if you are like us longing for a little one remember that there is something to celebrate.

"Suddenly and Angel of the Lord appeared among them, and the radiance of the Lord's glory surrounded them. They were terrified, but the Angel assured them. 'Don't be afraid' he said 'I bring great joy to all of the people. The Savior, yes the Messiah, the Lord - has been born today in Bethlehem - the City of David. You will recognize him by this sign: You will find a baby wrapped in strips of cloth lying in a manger." Luke 2: 9-12

We wish you all a Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

December Fun

Today our baby boy turns 7 months old. We were lucky that on this month birthday David saw all of his Grandparents.
Here he is with Gram and Grandad. They came to visit for a couple of days so that Angie could accomplish some Christmas shopping. They were so helpful; Angie was able to finish all of her shopping and then Gram helped wrap. Before they left all the gifts were wrapped and under the tree.

We also now have a baby boy beginning to walk. When you hold him standing he was beginning to take a step. So, Sunday morning before church we pulled down his walker...look at him go.

In September Angie bought all of the ingredients to make pumpkin bread with David during the fall season. Well, those three months came and went and Angie and David never seemed to find the time to make that pumpkin bread. So, during the first week of December Angie and David made Christmas cookies; she did not want to miss baking again with David.

We went to look at Christmas lights Saturday night. We went to the 37th street lights, another tradition that we have had since we were dating. This year was a little harder than in the past. Remember, David has a bedtime of 6:30. Here he is bundled up in his pajamas, jacket, second layer of pants, and two pairs of socks. He is almost asleep and we are only pulling out of the driveway.

Those of you not familiar with Austin, the 37th street lights fit the theme of "Keep Austin Weird." Here are a couple of the displays you can find on the street.

A giant monster made out of foil...

elves playing musical chairs... and every house has a unique display. What Did David think of this fun, well...

he was almost asleep for our hour stroll. He was warm in Daddy's arms.
Tonight we went to Mimi and Grandpa Ed's house to make Christmas cookies with Greg's family.
David already giving his mommy "the look"
cutting a cookie

icing the cookie

happy with his cookie results.

Friday, December 17, 2010

All I Want For Christmas

We did not know that David asked Santa for a gift when we took him last weekend.

We think he asked Santa for his

two front teeth for Christmas. Angie noticed this morning that his bottom left tooth was peeking through David's gum.

He seems pretty happy that his "Santa" gift came a few days early.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Big Boy Bath

Our baby boy will turn 7 months old a week from today. We are having a hard time believing that David is already growing out of items. We have packed away numerous outfits, his bouncy chair, and most recently he out grew his baby bath tub. He now takes a bath in the bath tub, but inside of the bath tub we have a smaller inflatable duck bath... David loves being able to splash in the water. When he splashes himself he makes a face, but has not fussed about it yet. Now anytime we turn on water, in the sink, bath tub, or shower, David wants to play.

Daddy helping David into his new bath tub

David splashing with all of his might

wrapped up in his bath robe and slippers
Growing up Angie remembers bath time being special - especially during the winter. Her Dad would give the baths to Angie and her sister. While this was happening Angie's mom would lay their pajamas by the fire and make hot chocolate on the stove. When Angie and her sister got out of the bath their dad would wrap them up in their towels and carry them in by the fire. Their pajamas would be toasty warm by the warmth of the fire. They would quickly get dressed and enjoy a mug of hot chocolate by the fire before bed.

This is such a fond memory of Angie's so tonight she warmed David's pajamas by the fire. However, by the time we got David in them they were not too warm... maybe next time.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Celebrating Daddy, Mimi, Aunt Amy, and Gram

That is correct - we have 4 December birthdays in the same week in our family. Greg and his mom share the birthday of December 9th. Angie's mom has a birthday 2 days later on December 11th, and our sister-in-law Amy has a birthday on December 16th. Sunday we celebrated with Daddy, Mimi, and Aunt Amy.

Gram - we thought about you all day on Saturday, your birthday. The following smiles were just for you from David!

It was cold here this weekend - David was bundled up to go outside on a walk to look at Christmas lights around our block.

David enjoying a good book on the couch - a great reading spot
Happy Birthday - Mimi, Gram, Aunt Amy and DADDY!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Realitives Came...

is the title of a favorite children's book of Angie's by Cynthia Rylant.
This past weekend we had relatives come and had so much fun! Greg's Aunt, Uncle and Cousins came to visit. We only see this family about twice a year. We enjoy every visit we are able to have with them! After they left the house did feel empty and sounded too quiet - just as it is described in Cynthia's book. We are already looking forward to our summer visit with the Parker's and Hammons!

Morgan and David

Aunt Cindy and David

Morgan, Macy, and David

David opening his very first Christmas present with Grandpa Ed; it is from from Aunt Cindy and Uncle Dwayne

Stacy and David - at this point it was way past every one's bedtime

Macy and David

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Happy Day

David was up all night with anticipation of Daddy's birthday today!
This morning he was screaming with excitement when he saw Daddy.
Happy Birthday Greg - We LOVE You!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Reason for the Season

We have a few nativity scenes around our home this time of year. Angie and David have been reading the Christmas story from his little toddler Bible he received at his baby dedication. We want David to hear about our Savior's birth and eventually realize that it was a night of miracles.

Aunt Christie also has a few nativity scenes in her home. She also has a little boy. She has learned from experience that when you tell the story of Jesus' birth little boys want to touch baby Jesus. In fact, at their house this past week baby Jesus went missing. He turned up after a few days in a monster truck. With all of this knowledge Aunt Christie thought ahead and in September bought David his own Little People Nativity.

When David first began to play with the Little People he always went for the Angel. Lately however, he has grabbed the animals. It may be because we have also been making animal sounds when we tell the story.

David decided to drop the pacifier because...

sometimes it is fun to eat animals - two at a time of course.