Sunday, January 30, 2011

Strong and Mighty

David is becoming a little more adventurous. Last weekend Greg lowered the mattress in David's crib because he had attempted to pull up during the week.
Today, during David's afternoon nap we began to hear him stir on the monitor. We began to watch him play in his crib. This is riveting entertainment to the two of us. David crawled from one end to the other in his crib. He would take breaks and sit up, find a pacifier and trade it out for the one that was currently in his mouth. Then he crawled over to the front of his bed and stared at the bumper pad. Then pulled himself to his knees, then to his feet, and all of a sudden he was standing. Angie could no longer see his head on the monitor, only his body - legs completely straight - and so she did what any mother would do... began to race up the stairs, grabbing the camera on the way up. And when she rushed into David's room she found a very proud little boy!

We decided the matress needs to go even lower - there seems to always be a project for Daddy!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

More of these Please

It seems rare that we ever have a lazy Saturday morning. This past Saturday, David indulged us a bit. He was happy laying on our bed, hanging out and chatting. He usually does not tolerate such boring activity during his play. While we were just relaxing David began to babble, as he does when he falls asleep, plays, or is taking a ride in the car, but these parents can never get enough of that sweet baby babble.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Big Mistake

Angie has been wanting David to try a puff for a few weeks now. He seems to get hungry in the afternoon, but does not want milk. Angie does not want to feed him dinner at 4:30, so she thought maybe puffs.
Greg felt like David needed a few more weeks before jumping into true solids. However, after breakfast yesterday he agreed that David could try it, after all it does say that they dissolve in a baby's mouth.
Angie placed two on David's tray. He picked one up, put it straight into his mouth,made a face, and blew it out onto the floor.
First Puff...

He then picked up the second puff, placed it in his mouth, and spit it out. Angie put it back in and that was the big mistake! David was trying to tell Mommy he was not ready, but Mommy did not take the hint.
second puff...

Angie began to get nervous and turned off the camera just in time... up came David's banana's. apples, and sweet potatoes along with his milk. Angie felt horrible and David wanted nothing more to do with food!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Monkey See Monkey Do

We made a rule before David was born that we would not talk on the phone if David was in the car, we don't have to worry about texting because we won't pay for that. We also try as much as possible to talk on the phone when David is napping or in bed, so that out attention is on David when he is awake.
However, we do try at times to talk on the phone with Angie's family when he is awake so that they are able to hear David and he hear their voices. Yesterday afternoon Angie's sister called. David heard the phone ringing and looked around the room, bopping up and down when he spotted the phone. As Angie answered David reached for it. She is struggling with saying no and handed the phone to David. As she did this she pushed the button for speaker phone. This is what happened next...

listening to Aunt Christie

pulling the voice closer to him

and then right on up to his hear, just like Mommy and Daddy. No David has no play phones and we have never played telephone with him...

and then he switched ears like Mommy... those sweet little eyes are watching everything!

Monday, January 24, 2011

A Firey Treat

Today, Angie had a play date planned with her Stroller Strides Class to tour the Jollyville Fire Station. I highly recommend this tour. All of the firemen were patient and happy to answer any questions!
We began getting ready for our trip last night. David wore his emergency vehicle pajamas to bed with anticipation of the big tour. He went to bed smiling and was a very happy baby when he awoke this morning. He woke with "bed head" for the first time this morning. Suppose this means his hair is getting thicker.

ready for his big trip

playing while Mommy gets breakfast ready

look at that bed head

squealing with delight as Mommy packs the last minute items needed, he is showing of his fire truck shirt

tired of waiting - he is on the run

even with her best efforts Mommy could not get that hair to lay down, so off we went

as we pulled in the firemen were washing this truck - David began bouncing and squealing in his car seat

many of the other babies and toddlers were scared and shy, not David. He crawled right on over to the uniform. He was very curious about the boots and helmet

he loved the shiny tires, he could see himself of course... they are really big and impressive

no other little ones would go see the fireman once he had on his uniform, except for David that is. He crawled right on over, grabbed the fireman's glove and stood himself up

David would not look at the camera - he was trying to twist around to see the fireman - he sees Mommy all of the time
one more try, but no luck, now he can see the fireman's face and needs to touch it
All of the other moms were very impressed with David's bravery. He even earned a Junior Firefighter badge. Mommy took it from David, which caused a bit of a fit, to keep it safe for his baby book. So much for Mommy keeping it safe - she has misplaced it.
Our plan was going to be to come home and read - If I were a Fire Fighter, but David was worn out and fell asleep on the way home.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Early Morning Reading

Greg reads many professional journals and at times leaves them by his chair in the living room.
Now that David is mobile, when he sees something that he really wants, he can go after it fairly quickly.
This past week Angie was in the kitchen making David's breakfast and heard a little squeal from the living room. David had made his way over to Greg's chair, slid his hand inside the side table, pulled out Greg's journal, and was reading.

looks interesting, maybe I should turn the page...

even better

Mom I am busy!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

8 Months Old

Today David turns eight months old. It does not seem possible really that we have been parents for 8 months. We decided to take David's 8 month pictures tonight after his bath. We wanted him to be nice and clean, however, this may have been a poor decision. He was tired, his little chin was chapped from the cold dry air, and well now he is mobile. David had no intention of staying still for the camera. So, we took what we got - enjoy!
rolling away from Mommy

Daddy caught me

I am so big


waving, we think he is trying!
David 8 months today!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Real Mom

As my job as an instructional coach I tend to attend many meetings in a day. I hustle and bustle my way around Austin visiting many different campuses. I meet with curriculum specialists, other coaches, principals, and teachers.
This week as I ran to another meeting I was in a big hurry. I did not realize that I had lost the pen that sits in my planner. So, as I am talking with a team I am also rummaging through my purse feeling for a pen. My fingers find what they think are a writing utensil and as these fingers pull it from my purse it turns out my fingers found a pacifier. And then it begins, the apology, not being prepared and being way off topic. As I try a second time I actually look into my purse to find a pen. I discover that the pacifier had been sitting next to a Babies R US card and I realize - I am a real life mom. In case you were wondering I did find a pen among the baby supplies.

Monday, January 17, 2011


David continues daily to surprise us with all that he has learned in the last 7 months.
Lately when changing his diaper, David is hard to keep still. He wiggles and turns over to his stomach. Angie saw one of her Stroller Strides friends struggle with this same issue and thought David would never go through that... wrong!
Another one of David's favorite activities is "drinking" water from his sippy cup. Really he loves to sip the water and then spit it out. After about 15 minutes of this play this afternoon David's onsie was so wet it was sticking to him, as if it were his skin.
So, Angie decided to change him, diaper and clothes, on his play mat. She was thinking his toys may keep his interest long enough to complete this task.
Well, after getting off the wet clothes Angie started on the diaper. Just as she was about to get the clean diaper on she lost the fight. Our squirmy little boy got away, and was fairly proud of his accomplishment. Normally, this would have been a frustrating moment, but when David flashes that smile he can pretty much get what he wants from his Mommy. So, what is a Mommy to do except capture the moment in pictures.

David has never been without clothes and a diaper except for in the bath. He seems to enjoy this feeling of freedom. Angie finally wrangled David back down to get his diaper on. She decided to take a break before tackling the clothes. She walked into the kitchen to discard of the dirty diaper leaving David to play.
Angie walked back into the living room and David was not where he was supposed to be... playing. Angie did a quick scan of the room and still did not see David. Upon moving a few steps further into the living room she saw him, there, behind the leather chair with the camera. No, how did he get there... did she miss it, his first crawl, maybe he rolled that way.
Gadgets seem to entice our baby boy more than his toys. Angie did what she had to do to solve this mystery, she traded him, the camera for her cellular phone.
After a few seconds of playing with it while Angie got the camera ready, Angie took it and put it across the room. And well you guessed it - David is officially a mobile little guy - he is CRAWLING! Here is his second attempt as described above - We will never know what it looked like getting to that camera.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Rainy Day

It continues to be a cold and rainy weekend here in Round Rock. We made the decision to stay at home on this dreary day; we did not even venture out to church. What to do with a 7 month old baby boy and a 2 year old puppy on a rainy day... keep them busy.
watch a little Signing Time and Baby Mozart (thanks Aunt Christie)

read a few books

start a toasty warm fire

relax with some cold water

We have enjoyed our family day in our cozy warm home!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saturday's are Daddy Days

David has an early bed time and an early rise time. He is usually up at 5:00am. This is great for days we are both working, but on Saturday's it is no fun. Because Angie is the one that gets up through the night with David Greg happily spends his Saturday mornings with David. Angie gets up at 5:00 feeds David and hands him over to Greg for a couple of hours.
This morning when Angie headed down stairs at 7:00 she found David's first fort. David and Daddy built a fort together while Angie was sleeping. She tried to join the two boys inside, but a no girls allowed rule had been imposed. So, Angie and Bella pushed each other out of the way trying to see the boys inside through a small opening in the fort.
It was dark inside, but David seemed to enjoy his cozy new fort, which still happens to be up in our living room.

It was so dark that the bright flash made David blink at every picture snapped

After a morning nap we headed out to the Austin Children's Museum. Because David enjoyed it so much Monday with Angie we decided to try it again on our cold rainy family day. It was VERY crowded, but David was able to do more of the activities. Having two parents makes it much easier to play.
showing off his strong legs while watching the kids

soft blocks in the kids corral


feeling the wind in his hair

building a tower with Daddy

thinking about their design

building shingles on his house

turning gears is intriguing for David

creation station

hanging upside down in the bat cave

watching themselves on television

We love having Daddy home!!!