Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sweet Love of Ours

turns Nine Months old today.
The first thing he did this morning, after a diaper change of course, was reach for a favorite book. He sat in his chair holding that book while we snapped some nine month pictures.

love this picture - David was really thinking about his book while Daddy read to him

it would be sweet if he were reaching for his Mommy

but he wasn't - he needed that pacifier Mommy was holding

Happy Nine Months David!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Afternoon Snack

Today Angie tried a new snack after David woke from his afternoon nap.
She gave up on these...

and tried these

David seemed to enjoy this little snack much better than the puffs. The puffs for David are just fun to take out of a snack cup, place in his mouth, only to spit them out a few seconds later.

Here he is trying out his teething biscuit along with
a cold cup of water. Day by day he is becoming more proficient at swallowing that water rather than letting it dribble out of his mouth.

Friday, February 18, 2011

The Hat

The Hat by Jan Brett is another one of Angie's favorite children's books. This winter David had many hats, but there was one special hat that we loved seeing him wear.
Growing up Angie's Dad had a hat that he bought in Italy on one of his trips that happened to be during a very cold winter storm. Her dad would pack this hat on many of his business trips when he was going to colder climates, usually the north east. Angie loved this hat, maybe because it was a little different or maybe because it was only brought out for important trips, or maybe because it reminded her a little of the Scottish heritage from her dad.
In November, Angie saw this hat in David's size. It was very much like the hat her dad had and of course she bought it for David. This hat is really the only hat David does not mind wearing for long periods of time and we think he looks pretty cute in it.

A few weeks ago when Angie's family came to visit it happened to be during our very cold weather. Angie's dad had his hat...
David checking out Grandad's hat! He is trying to pull grandad closer to get a better view...

love this picture - Grandad and David - don't they look very dapper?

When we were dating Angie noticed that Greg's dad too had a hat similar in style to her Dad's.
He wears his more often than her Dad - it is a little colder in Austin than Houston during the winter.
Here is Grandpa Ed and David at church last Sunday - love this picture too!

It is a funny thing that a hat can spark such emotion... but this one does for Angie.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Another Sweet Treat... This Time for David

Yesterday after returning from a long day we all took a walk around the block, Daddy, Mommy, David, and Bella. We stopped on our way to get the mail. David had a package waiting for him. We handed it to him and he held it all the way around the block

When we got home he opened his own package

reached inside

and pulled out a new book

and then was happy to find another book
he found the card

of course we needed to read the card to find out who sent these books

Thanks Gram and Grandad for the Valentines surprise, but David may have been ok with just the packaging.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Treat for Bella

Bella also received a Valentine treat. Saturday her new bed was delivered. Before David arrived she was the recipient of many trips, treats, and time. We wanted Bella to have something new. She is beginning to act up and we can tell she wants our attention very badly. So we ordered her a new soft plush bed. She LOVES it!

Here she is asleep Saturday night in front of the fire.

We also decided on Sunday after church that we needed to take Bella to play. So, we went to the dog park in Round Rock.

our little dog watcher

Bella had fun running free!

And David was happy watching all of the dogs

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Love is in the Air

Here are a few highlights from our valentine's celebration.
We began at Mimi and Ed's Sunday night. David got a new valentine puppy and a sweet card.

Monday morning we woke up and all had a little something on the table

Daddy reading David his card

David has a new phone

and book

Mommy got beautiful flowers

and earrings

After Stroller Strides we had a lunch date. No not with Daddy - with Ella and Carter

Three cuties - Ella, David, and Carter

The boys playing "Tug of War"

Ella wondering why these crazy boys are finger wrestling

Boys being boys

Ella decided to join the fun

David fell asleep on the way home
Mommy had a surprise after lunch. Daddy stopped by and left a little treat while we were out.

for dinner we made a pizza

and shared a little dessert
We feel very loved!