Monday, May 30, 2011

Three Days of Fun

Last year on Memorial Day we had just been released from the hospital and were spending our very first weekend as a family of three. This year we got out and enjoyed the beginning of summer.
Saturday David went to the swimming pool for the first time. He loved it!

Today for Memorial Day David took his first trip to Terra Burger.

trying to put rocks in his mouth while we waited for our lunch

Because we are having a difficult time transitioning David to milk we take every opportunity to find any dairy for David. Today it came in the form of his first grilled cheese sandwich

and chocolate milkshake. He loved them both. It was not a healthy choice, but he needs the calories and the dairy so we went for it. We made ourselves feel better by remebering it was all organic!

Then it was off to play. Terra Burger has two playscapes and a small splash pad.

David ready for the splash pad, but he found this bus first

Ready to touch the water

or maybe the rocks and dirt

or maybe he will take a drink

Daddy had to cover the water so that David would not drink it

then it was time to clean up and go home

Since we were all wet from Terra Burger Daddy decided to turn our backyard into a water park this afternoon. He filled David's water table, pulled out his pool and turned on the sprinklers. David loved sliding down his slide with water spraying him!
David at his new water table.

Bella even took a dip to cool off.

David going up the slide...

getting ready to slip down

David decided the pool may be too cold to get entirely in

After a bath and a nap Daddy decided David needed his first haircut. David's hair has been in his eyes and Daddy wanted to trim it just a bit.

David stayed still for 3 little clips and then he was off. daddy cut just enough for David to be able to see again.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

David's First Birthday

Saturday we celebrated David's first year with our families. I think we were more excited than David and all three of us enjoyed the day.
Here is David the morning of his party. He awoke to find our family room transformed. He is sitting in his new chair, this was the first time he had seen it.

At the party the kids went on a safari. There were safari guides that Angie created. The kids had to find the animals in the yard that Greg had hidden. After finding all of the animals and marking their guide each child received a First Birthday Cookie.

Here are David and Daddy on the safari

Angie found a jungle animal bean bag toss. We were surprised David understood. He did not toss the bean bags, but he did push them through the holes.
Angie hung butcher paper on the fence so that the kids could paint, but not with paint. Angie knew David would want to put it in his mouth. Instead of paint she had pudding in shades of yellow, green, and brown to use as paint.

Mommy and Daddy also gave David a new ball pit...

Who enjoyed it more Daddy or David?

Angie's parents also let us borrow their "bounce house." It was a hit with everyone!

After a lunch of b-b-q hamburgers, thanks to Angie's dad for standing over a hot grill in the heat, it was time for cake. David was not sure what to think of the candle.

David was also unsure of his birthday cake. He pulled a small piece of icing of and offered it to Daddy. After Daddy tried to get David to eat it he squished the icing between his fingers.

And then David was all done with cake. We offered it to him several times through the weekend along with ice cream and he never seemed to enjoy it.

Aunt Christie made David a special first year video. We all loved it especially David. He danced to the music and watched it for a long time.
The Wednesday before David's birthday he began taking his first steps. Here he is on his birthday "walking" for all to see.

Happy Birthday David and thank you to our families for celebrating with us!

Monday, May 23, 2011

One Year Stats

David showing us he is a big One Year!
David had his one year well check this morning. This little guy truly is little. Here are his stats:
Nine Months:
Height: 28 inches - 25th percentile
weight: 15 pounds 11 ounces - below 5th percentile
Head Circumference: 42.5 cm - below 5th percentile
One Year:
Height: 29 inches - 25th percentile
Weight: 16 pounds 10 ounces - below the 5th percentile
Head Circumference - 44 cm - 5th percentile
David only grew 1 inch in three months, but remained in the 25th percentile. We continue to work on weight as he only gained about 1 pound in three months, still below the 5th percentile. We think he is perfect, but David's doctor is being cautious! Angie will continue to take him in for weight checks between well visits. Happy One Year David - We Love You!