Thursday, June 30, 2011

Jump Jump Jump

David made his second trip to Inflatable Wonderland this morning. His first trip was last summer when cousins were in town. At that time David was only a few months old and there was no jumping to be had by David. This morning however he enjoyed the jumps and had fun with his friends!
David doing his "Happy Dance"

time to go home.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

13 months

A week ago today David turned 13 months old. This is the 13 month picture Angie took on the 22nd; it is just now getting posted. Oh and yes, he had a cold. Happy 13 months David!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

First Time at the Dentist

David had his first trip to the dentist today. He was a happy patient until he actually had someone touching his teeth, then he became a little unsure of everyone. All looked well and we will go back in December. He charmed everyone with his sweet smile and made his Mama proud!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Big Boy Seat

David has moved into his big boy car seat. He technically did not have to move from his infant seat, he is very much under the weight and height limit, however we thought he may be able to see better in a bigger seat. He continues to ride backwards because he is too little to have his seat facing forward. David has lots of room to grow as you can see!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

394 Days with Daddy

David is very lucky to have a Daddy that loves spending every free minute possible with him. Greg is a very hands on dad and David LOVES time with his Daddy.
Now that it is summer and Greg leaves us behind in the mornings, David points to the door and says Da Da over and over until he is distracted with something else. If we go outside to wave bye David will point to Greg's truck getting further and further away as we watch him drive down the street with David saying, "Da Da." There is already a special bond between these two and I love watching Daddy and David have so much fun together.
Daddy takes David fun places...

he gives David his bath much of the time

he reads to David

Daddy is always ready for an outdoor adventure!

Thank you Greg for loving our son so much! Happy Father's Day!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Big Apple Adventure

This was Angie's 10th year to volunteer at Vacation Bible School leading music. She loves it and looks forward every year to hundreds of children singing praises to Jesus. There is truly no sweeter sound.
This year was different however; for the first time Angie had her own little one to bring along. She has taken others' children in the past years and last year David was here, but only 16 days old, so Angie left him at home each day. This year she loved that David too heard the music and heard the bible stories and yes even made his first VBS crafts, which are both already hanging in his room. This was a week to remember!
Our theme was The Big Apple, each day we visited a different spot in NYC. Of course David had to "ride" in a taxi.

This is the end of day two. David is watching the kids sing... Angie had to wake him from his nap.

This is the end of Day three.. again he just woke from his nap.

Beginning of day 5 - ready to go to his class

David's first VBS crafts!

This is what 775 children singing praises looks like - Amazing Sound!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Slow and Steady

David is now choosing walking over crawling as his mode of transportation these days. Yesterday for the first time we even saw a little sprint from David as he tried to get away from Daddy. David does not know that Daddy is a runner and will probably always win the race.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Party Boy

David had several of his Stroller Strides friends over last weekend for a friend birthday party. We had a separate family party on his actual birthday weekend; our house is just not big enough to have everyone here at the same time.
For this party we chose cupcakes rather than a big cake.

the kids had the opportunity to participate in the same activities we offered at his family party...
the safari

outside toys

painting with pudding

the ball pit

and at the end of the day a very tired and happy one year old little boy!

Happy One Year David!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday, June 3, 2011

Grandpa Ed

David has grown fond of Grandpa Ed. He pretty much gets anything he wants when he is with his Grandpa. Grandpa Ed has also trained Hannah, Greg's brothers dog, to know that she will get whatever she wants from Ed too.
In the beginning there may have been some jealousy from Hannah toward David, but as you can see they have worked out their differences and know all they have to do is beg to get what they want.

David at Work

David helped Mommy at work this morning. They were in and out quickly, but not before disrupting everyone in the office!

Thursday, June 2, 2011


David has been making approximations toward actions that he sees his Mommy and Daddy doing. Yesterday on her way to drop David off at Mimi and Ed's before work, Angie was talking with David. In their conversation Angie began to ask David to show her some signs. In this conversation David showed Angie many signs that we did not know he had. He signs with us the same 4 or 5 over and over, but yesterday he knew thank you and please, which he has never used.
So, upon entering Mimi and Ed's Angie put David on the spot and asked him a few signs, of course he would not perform on demand. After a long day Angie picked David up and when they returned home she fed David his dinner. During dinner she again asked David to show her a few signs. He did not do as well as he had that morning, it was late, he was hungry and had not taken an afternoon nap. But below is his approximation of a few signs.