Sunday, July 31, 2011


Today we decided it was finally time for David's first official haircut. He had a bit of a traumatic morning in Sunday school... he was the only child in is class today and he did not like that. So, we decided to give David a little fun before taking him to get his haircut.
We took David to the mall to ride the carousel...he chose the giraffe.

Then it was over to the indoor play area, much cooler than the park today. David loves to get in this car

and climb out of this car

he climbs the stairs to this slide and goes down all by himself

Then it was time to head over for a haircut. Things began well as David was asked to sit in this red Ferrari...

then he discovered that this lady was going to interfere with his driving

and then he gave her a look to Back Off...
so Daddy held David for a few minutes and then Mommy had to put the camera down and hold David for the rest of the cut.

David received his first Lolly pop - we gave him just a few licks, he did not want to let it go

on the way out he gave Sharky a hug

here is our baby boy ... he no longer looks like a baby

see no more baby curls

Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Big Day

David began his morning with his first Doughnut,one of Daddy's favorite foods. He ate almost half of it. He needed his energy this morning as we were making our first trip to Krause Springs.
David enjoyed the water, but not his life jacket.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weekend Birthday Celebrations!

Friday our sweet baby boy turned 14 months old. He is growing up and learning things every day. As you can tell from the picture below it is also getting harder and harder to get a picture of our little guy... he just wants to play play play.

On this monthly birthday David learned how to blow a whistle. He loves to "sneak" up on us and blow it... we jump as if he has scared us and he laughs every time. Thanks Gram for this new trick!

On Saturday David had two birthday parties to attend. His friend Selah turned two and had a splash party. David had a great time!

Right after Selah's party David took his first trip to Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate Trevor's 4th birthday. David loved the rides and even was interested in Chuck E. Cheese... this little guy does not seem bothered by strangers.

Happy 14 months David!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

First Official Family Vacation

We took our first vacation together as a family of three this week. We did not go far or stay long, but we had a great time. We headed to Bastrop to the Lost Pines Hyatt Resort.
Greg surprised us with a great suite... here is David enjoying the big bed

one bathroom

our kitchen

dining room

our living room

second bath

After admiring our room we headed to dinner. David has decided he needs to feed himself. It is messy, but we are impressed with his skill, he scoops...

brings his utensil towards his mouth

and in it goes... after some veggies

David headed to the kids buffet... Daddy helped him fix his plate. The buffet was at his level and he loved watching what was placed on his plate...

he even got dessert... and liked it! David is not a sweet tooth like his Mama.

After dinner David sat down to do a little coloring
After that we headed back to our suite to unpack and get ready for the pool

David loved being able to walk in and out of the water

David and Daddy in the Crooked River

David liked the sand on his feet

at the splash pad

walking in the pool

David is ready for a change of scenery

time to dry off

and head over for Smores at the fire pit... David was unsure about roasting the marshmallows, but

he loved how they tasted!

time to run around and get some of that energy out before bedtime

A tired little guy with grass stuck to the marshmallow on his face. He played hard!
David took his first bath in a bath tub with no child seat or tub, he was fairly proud!

We took a "hike" around the grounds Friday morning after breakfast

We saw many animals

David and Daddy at the Colorado River

Hoss - the Hyatt dog

A nap after such an eventful morning, look at those little feet

David petting the horses before our wagon ride

On the wagon ride

Then it was time for lunch by the pool

David enjoying lunch

After a quick swim David led the way to the car... keys in hand. We all had a great time and wish we could have stayed longer!