Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Angie had to work today, usually she is off on Monday's, and has been regretting not being home with David on Halloween. However, when Angie sent information about a Round Rock carnival she thought David would enjoy to Greg's parents, one she would have taken him to had she not been working, they happily offered to take David. It looks like they had a fun morning together!!
David loves his Grandpa Ed

blowing bubbles

bean bag toss

hay ride

play scape fun
the lion with the zebras

After work, Greg picked up David and Mommy stopped to buy Halloween candy. When all returned home we lit ELMO:)

our little Lion letting out a roar, he was ready to trick or treat

but first of course Mommy wanted photos

when it was Mommy's turn David was just ready to GO!

David's first stop, he was a little unsure, he walked away with Teddy Grams and a lolly pop

then he walked to the next house following a group of children, still unsure of what exactly he was doing

after the second house he dropped his pumpkin in the yard and was ready for a piece of candy

by the third house... he knew the drill

very excited to walk away with another lolly-pop

this house... jack pot, David dropped the pumpkin of candy and headed straight to the dogs... Daddy was pretty happy with them too!

he became very comfortable almost walking into houses as doors were opened to him

sometimes he even tried to let himself in

more puppies at a door

back home... David made it around the entire block

Elmo is glowing outside

and David and Daddy begin to sort candy inside

Mommy and Daddy thought David would want a piece of chocolate

he went for a lolly-pop

then it was time for David to pass out candy to children that knocked on our door, most would not take candy from David, they wanted to choose their own, then there were a couple of time David tried to take candy out of a trick-or-treaters bag

after all of the excitement it was time to say "Night Night Elmo" and head off to bed

Happy Halloween from the House's

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pumpkin Carving

Yesterday we went to a little pumpkin patch about 5 minutes from our home. Yes, we went to Sweet Berry farm a few weeks ago, but Greg likes to choose a pumpkin to carve the day before Halloween or some years even on Halloween, a tradition we began when we married. The other pumpkins Angie keeps for decorating through Thanksgiving.
Our sweet " Little Pumpkin"

right away David found the one he wanted

tested out a few others

and then found the good stuff... a big orange truck

and some sticks to use for weed eating the patch

after trying for pictures with Mommy

David finally was given his pacifier ... his dance of joy

at home David got a cupcake snack... we picked this up at the Farmer's Market yesterday morning

David was a little concerned about what was inside the pumpkin

Mommy had the job of scooping out the insides

then David scooped the insides onto the floor and Bella ate straight form the bowl

he finally touched the "guts" with one tip of a finger

Daddy carved David's favorite - an Elmo jack-o-lantern

Greg is a creative pumpkin carver; every year he has a great idea... this year was an idea just for David.
Tonight while we were in the car Greg began whistling the tune of Elmo's World. And all of a sudden a little voice in the back seat whispers - ELMO! Daddy made a great creative decision this year!
We can't wait to light this up tomorrow!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Story Time with Mimi and Grandpa Ed

Mimi takes David to story time every week. This routine began when David was 4 months old and Mimi and Ed began keeping David 3 days a week. We love that they go and do activities with David. This week was a costume party at story time. Even Grandpa Ed went to see all of the cuties dressed up. We still think we have the cutest of all!

Friday, October 28, 2011


Our next door neighbors moved in nine years ago at the same time we were moving into our house. They have added to their family since moving here just as we have. They have 2 boys a six year old and 4 year old. David loves to play with them and thankfully they seem to enjoy his company too!
He watches them through the fence when they play in their backyard and we play in ours...

he knocks on their door to hear their dog bark...

and he watches every move they make