Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bed Time Routine

David's bedtime routine consists of the following:

  • bath
  • brush teeth
  • Daddy reads stories 
  • Mommy rocks and sings to David 
Thursday night as Greg placed David in Angie's arms to be rocked David said, " Ummm How 'bout?" and began singing Jesus Loves Me. He has been hearing this song since he was born...
It was so sweet to hear those words come from such an innocent voice at bedtime, but surprised us!  He never requests his lullabies, but that night he sang himself to sleep.  Since then David has been singing it around the house. He even changes the words... sometimes you may hear him sing -
 Jesus loves Bella this I know for the Bible tells Bella so. 
Here is a version as he was eating the other day. Love how his little heart is open to hearing sweet words!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Welcome Summer

We have been hit hard this three day weekend with some stomach virus... Angie was in bed most of Saturday and Sunday. Poor David was up all night last night, which meant Mommy and Daddy were too. Despite our stomach woes we have managed to sneak in some summer fun at the pool and a BBQ in the back yard. Hope all of you have enjoyed the start to summer too!

Friday, May 25, 2012

First Official Ride

This week David had his first official bike ride. He rode with our neighbor Zachary or as David says, "Achary." He gets better each day. You will notice the helmet does not stay on for long... one step at a time, right?

Thursday, May 24, 2012

David's Party Highlights

This past Saturday we celebrated David turning two with some of his closet friends and all of his cousins and grandparents. David had an Elmo themed party.

The night before his party David received his first present, Dorthy the Goldfish, just like Elmo's pet Goldfish Dorthy.  He loved it, and so did his cousins!

Before his party David did not want pictures taken, he was ready for the party to start...  we tried anyway

still waiting for friends to arrive...

finally time to PLAY!

trying out cousin Luke's shoes

snack break

finally what David had been asking for since he woke,  time for a "CUPCAPE!"  By the way all David asked for for his birthday was a "CUPCAPE!"  He says this word with great exclamation always!

Presents, David was excited about each and everyone.  We have had a great week with many new toys:)

Mommy and Daddy gave David his first bike and helmet, he loves the bike, not so much having to wear the helmet.
We thank everyone for celebrating David with us, we think he is pretty great!