Friday, June 29, 2012

A Whole Week of Fun with Family

Last Thursday Gram and Grandad came to visit.  Saturday David and Angie left for Houston with them both for a week of fun visiting family.
 David loves his play scape and this was the first time Gram and Grandad had seen it!
Sunday they attended Angie's family reunion - this was the 106th anniversary of the family being in Needville, TX.  The family reunion takes place every year in Needville Texas where the family finally settled when they arrived to America from Germany.
David loved playing with all of his cousins!
Then it was time to head back to Gram and Grandad's house... Gram was ready for David with lots of fun activities!
Playing in the pool with Gram after a hard day of playing with cousins
showing Gram his swimming trick he learned at swim lessons
David also found a "baby" at Gram's.  He took care of this baby all week! 
Grandad read David bedtime stories
Monday morning Grandad went to play golf so Gram took Angie and David to the splash pad right down the street... David had a great time!
After nap time it was back to the fun backyard
Grandad let David feed his fish their dinner
Here they come, yum yum
We finished the evening with a concert by David
Tuesday morning we visited with our friend Jan, she was a second mother growing up... David liked seeing her three dogs, not sure they liked all of his activity!
Next up Gram and Grandad's pool... David did not want to leave:)
After nap time we headed to Aunt Christie's and Uncle Brian's house.  We went to Fudrucker's for dinner; we sat in the loudest part of the restaurant because we tend to bring noise with us most places we go.
 Bath time, we had a busy day
the next morning we had some very excited early birds
David played with Luke's "checkout" all week!  He loves to play store and restaurant, Fudrucker's seems to be the restaurant of choice
While Luke went to science camp and after naps David and Lila played with Play-dough that Aunt Christie made
Thursday morning we headed to Aunt Christie's pool after Luke's swim lesson
We went to pick up Luke from Science camp.  We missed seeing the baby Kangaroo, but we did get there in time for snow cones.  David ate every drop!

Thursday night fun us next on our agenda.  Luke and Lila both take gymnastics at Flips and David was able to partcipate in the fun.
Here is the warm up
then it was on to the fun
David was able to swing like this for about 30 seconds, we were impressed
Luke climbed all the way to the top of this spider web
so then David tried
we finished the night with a nice family dinner
and swings in the back yard
thanks for such a fun week Gram, Grandad, Aunt Christie and Uncle Brian, we will miss you all, but we are ready to see Daddy too!