Friday, September 28, 2012

Dinner Attire

David came downstairs tonight dressed for dinner.  He had nothing on except his diaper until he made it half way downstairs and decided to add his boots to his feet.  He is getting good at knowing his left from his right and they were on the right feet tonight.  Because he looked so cute Angie asked him to perform for us... a little dinner entrainment.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Motorcycle Man

David refers to himself as a motorcycle man and his bike is his motorcycle.  Any time we call it a bike he corrects us by saying, "No Motorcycle" every single time.  He is a dare devil and says he does not want to wear his helmet.  Mommy is working on that...
 starting the engine...
and he is off...
David also remembered that daddy has a friend, Jim, with a motorcycle.  One time Jim let David sit on it.  And so today David offered to share his motorcycle with Mommy just like Jim shared with him...

David did glide for the first time yesterday on his bike.  He goes really fast then picks up his feet, he is working on that balance and we are so proud!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fall Breakfast

This morning David requested cinnamon rolls and so we made a "fall colored breakfast." 
While he waited for his breakfast to bake, which he adamantly stated he did want them baked, he had some dried fruit.

 cinnamon rolls ready
 time to eat
 in David's words, "Ooh Mommy this is yummy!"

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Little Pumpkin

Today, this first day of fall, or little pumpkin turns 28 months old.  This morning we greeted the day with a photo shoot before going to the park.  We are enjoying this first day of fall!

and just because we enjoying seeing how David grows, here he is last year as he turned 16 months old on the first day of fall...
and as he turned 4 months old two years ago on the first day of fall...

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fire Station Tour

This summer Angie signed David up to tour a fire station and today was the day.  However, when she signed up for this trip she was unsure of her work schedule.  As it turns out she was working today so Mimi stepped in and took David.  David was able to see where the fire fighters sleep and eat along with all of the trucks and equipment.  He met his friends and had a fun morning with Mimi.
The first time Angie took David to this fire department he was crawling...

Today he was talking to those same fire fighters, asking questions, climbing in and out of the trucks, and the time seems like it is moving faster than ever.

Today's visit may have changed David's mind about his Halloween costume.  About three weeks ago David shared that he wanted to dress as a pig for Halloween this year.  We have no idea why or how he thought of this as his costume.  We have been working to change his mind and he has been dead set on a pig.  It would be ironic, our low weight non eating child dressed as a pig, but we could only find pink pig costumes.  However, today he told us more than once that he wants to be a fire fighter for Halloween with no prompting from Mommy or Daddy.  Stay tuned... either way it will be his decision and we know he will be cute dressed as anything he chooses.

Friday, September 14, 2012


Yesterday while choosing birthday gifts for two friends David also found a puzzle for himself.  Angie questioned David several times after he stated he wanted a puzzle.  We have been trying to get David interested in puzzles and he has really not shown much interest.  But yesterday he did. So, she bought it.  And upon returning home Angie asked David if he wanted to go outside and swing.  He turned that down and suggested he open his new puzzle.  He did it twice in the first half hour they were home. 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Conversations with David

Angie rocking David at nap time today...
David: When I wake up I want to go to Gram and Grandads house
Angie: David it is just too far to go there today
David: But I can drive there
Angie:Yes, but Mommy has to work tomorrow and we don't have enough time
David: I could get in the car and drive just a little bit
Angie: Not today
David: Grandad has a lawnmower in the garage, he can mow his grass sometimes, I want Grandad to mow my grass

Monday, September 10, 2012

Tots and Pots

Friday Angie had signed David up for a pottery class. However, she was working and Mimi stepped in to take him.  From what we heard from Mimi and some other moms David did well.  We can't wait to see his actual product.  It is still at the shop waiting to be fired.  Here are a few pictures of him creating!
looking at his clay for the first time...
 rolling the clay to make eyes...
 well done:)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Christmas in September

David received so many gifts at Christmas we put some away that we knew he would enjoy when he was a bit older.  Today we pulled one out.  As soon as David woke from his nap he said, still laying on his pillow, "I want to play it."  Angie asked, "Play What?"  He said, "My fish."  And so David went fishing this afternoon.

 Then David very politly asked if he could please get in, and so he did

This evening when Greg returned home from work he and David went fishing.  Then they brought the fish into the kitchen where Angie was cooking dinner and dropped it into a frying pan.  Great chefs!:)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Last of Summer Fun

We spent part of our Labor Day enjoying the splash pad just down the street.  David played for two hours exploring water and sand.  We have had a great summer!
 jumping in puddles

 dancing in puddles
 watching the water disappear
 trying to drink it

 grabbing it
 building a road
 getting buried by Daddy

 where are David's legs?
 Daddy, David's favorite playmate these days
 jumping his way home!
And after a three and a half hour nap we spent our evening enjoying the backyard.  When Mommy went to get the camera David filled her chair with water...