Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pumpkin Carving

Last night we carved our pumpkin.  David was a big helper; he scooped and tried to carve.  He wanted another Elmo pumpkin again this year. So, of course Daddy delivered.
Happy to carve his pumpkin!

 Shining his flash light to see the inside...

 While Daddy carved David took a bath...

 And finally we have ELMO!
Can't wait to light it tonight:)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Surprise

David received a package in the mail.  He insists the "PBS" man brought it to our house, he means the UPS man.  Either way it is incorrect, it was the postal carrier and she put it in our mailbox.  David was excited to open the package.  His firefighter costume was delivered by the UPS man and so all packages are now held to that standard.
Here is David's surprise...

According to David the card that was enclosed said, "David run fast.", which has nothing to do with the pumpkins and Happy Halloween on the card.  David dismissed Mommy's logical thinking and went with, David can run fast.
Thanks Gram and Grandad for our new book, it will be a bedtime hit - we just know it!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Halloween Story Time

Mimi took David to his Halloween story time yesterday.  When we asked how he liked it he replied, "I had cupcakes!"  It must have been a good time then.
kids in their costumes... can you find our firefighter?

color time

snack time

Monday, October 22, 2012

2 Years 5 months

Today David turns two years and five months old.  It also happens to be Angie's 36th birthday today.  Her best gift, being home with David today. 
When he woke this morning Angie mentioned she was going to pull out David's clothes for the day.  He immediately said he wanted his car carrier shirt.  So car carrier shirt it was.  David has opinions on most everything now including what he wears.
David is very into the movie Cars, but his absolute favorite thing is Fireman Sam.  He can surf YouTube for long periods of time looking for a new Fireman Sam.
We are enjoying David more and more each day, but just this week he is beginning to show us his strong opinions when we are not doing exactly as he requests.  He is learning he does not always get what he wants... let's just say it is a hard lesson for Mommy and David.
Happy 29 month birthday our love!

Friday, October 19, 2012

The Best

David and Mommy days are the best, especially when the weather is gorgeous.  Oh how we love him!

And yes, he is wearing his lunch on the corners of his mouth.

Thursday, October 18, 2012


We enjoyed another great evening at our church.  Tonight was Riverfest, new name after over a decade as Hallelujah Hoedown.  David enjoyed playing the games and getting "surprises."  We all enjoyed a hayride, petting zoo, the costume parade, and seeing friends and coworkers we were not expecting to see.  We are blessed to have a church home that we love as much as we love Riverbend!  Here is our night in pictures.
David was adamant that he did not want his hat.  Daddy thought it was too hot to zip and button David's jacket so hopefully by Halloween we can have all of the pieces in place for his costume!
David waiting in line at the bounce house
 getting ready to play his first game
 pumpkin bowling
 toss a ring on the octopus
 throw a ball at the clown
 We ran into David's friend Meredith, he was happy to take  a picture with her, she was not as willing
 ring toss on the witches hat
 pin the spider in the web

 bean bag toss, think he may have been too close?
 choosing his "surprise"
 petting zoo

 playground time
 waiting in line for the hayride
 on the hayride, David said it was his favorite event of the night, you can't tell from this picture
David won a lolly-pop... he had been wanting this "surprise" all night.  The smile was priceless!

 Dinner Break

And we ended our night with the costume parade, David loves the stage:)

Our Little Firefighter on his way to the car, night night.