Thursday, January 31, 2013

Art Work

David was excited to break out the paints again this week.  He has several works of art in progress.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Lunch Date

David always surprises Mommy with his choice of attire for meal time.  He dressed up again for their lunch at home:)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

47 Years Together

Today Mimi and Grandpa Ed are celebrating 47 years of marriage.  Congratulations, we love you!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Family Visit

This weekend Aunt Christie, Luke, Lila, Gram, and Grandad came to visit.  We had a relaxing weekend of play time.  They all watched David at soccer today and he loved having an audience.  Thanks for making the long trip to see us!
Everyone was up early Saturday morning thanks to David who was our early riser both Saturday and Sunday!
 Sunday morning...
 A little IPad time
 Bella received lots of hugs and kisses from these two

 They all love their Gram and Grandad
 And before we knew it time had moved quickly and everyone was leaving

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

32 Months of LOVE

Today David turns 32 months old.  His vocabulary is continuing to develop at a very rapid rate.  Almost everyday we hear words used correctly we did not even know that he knew, tonight it was in the bath tub where he used the word tangled.
He is also able to talk a little more about his feelings and describe why he is happy, sad, angry etc... He will also add in what will make him feel better most of the time.
David is aware of most of his toys and will ask for something when it is unaccounted for.  Just this past weekend he and Angie had this conversation:
David: Mom, where is my barn
Angie: It is over by the window (Angie was pointing to David's Noah's Ark because he had the dove from it in his hand.)
David: Not my Noah's Ark ...My Barn!
Angie: Your red barn upstairs?
David: No, my barn
Angie: Describe it
David: It is brown and has a horse and three kings
Angie: Oh, your stable, it is packed away until next Christmas
David: with a pout lip and a whine in his voice, But Why?
(Greg under his breath said, "I knew that was what he meant.")
He has a new found love of flashlights and goggles.  They go everywhere with us.  In the picture above he has a flashlight that he wears around his neck, just as he wears his goggles.  Angie worked late and picked David up late tonight.  So, their playtime was outside in the dark tonight.  David rode his bike around the block with his flashlight on.  Angie could not convince him it was time to go in because in David's mind it was not dark yet.
David is still loving the game hide and seek and loves a good surprise.  Tonight Angie found him hiding in here, when she went to look for David, while she was cooking dinner, David popped out and yelled "surprise!"

Last night we got a new dryer and so tonight Greg and David played with the old one in the garage while Mommy cooked in the kitchen.  Hoping David does not try this with a dryer that is hooked up in our house... the adventures of boys.
And this little boy still has his mommy wrapped around his finger and she knows it!  Tonight during some quiet time David asked Angie to rock him as soon as they arrived home.  They went upstairs and David climbed in Angie's lap, no books, no songs, just Angie.  And then he said this, " I want to put on my 'I melt My Mommy's Heart' shirt because I love you."  Angie did not want to get one more thing dirty so she promised to pack it in is bag for tomorrow as she hugged him tighter; he has her heart without a doubt!
Happy 32 months David!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Baby Update

I am not sure if you ever get used to seeing these types of images, just how amazing they are.  We have been very lucky to have multiple images of all of our babies taken during the first 20 weeks of pregnancy.  And because some things popped up with this session of images we already know we will have at least two more times to view this little one before we meet in person.
I am also not sure if I ever envisioned myself as the mother of two BOYS, but I am.  Growing up with a twin sister, boys are a new adventure for me, the loud noises, multiple types of cars and trucks everywhere, and the energy.  It is getting ready to double as we plan to meet Adam Samuel on May 24th,  two days after David turns three.  We have been blessed with another healthy, but extremely active baby boy!  And for this we are incredibly thankful.

Adam Samuel - at 20 weeks he was in the 70% percentile weighing 15 ounces here, what a blessing.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Weekend Fun

We have enjoyed a beautiful weekend.  The weather has brought us back outside which we all love!
David very much looks forward to his playtime with Greg.  Here is Daddy taking David on a ride... he still squeezes himself into this little wagon and now his toys come along for the ride as well.

Saturday we had a morning at the park and an afternoon of naps.  But we had friends over for dinner and David chose his own outfit...

 while the boys played the Moms and Dads made S'mores

 After our dinner guests left David had one more quick wardrobe change before his bath...
 and then it was on to bed... David has been sleeping in his fort, last night as we watched him on the monitor we could see his little flashlight flashing on and off in there...
 Sunday after church and soccer we took a family hike before naps.  The weather was just too beautiful to be on time for a nap, David was about 30 minutes late laying down, but it was worth it.  He loves being outside in the "woods" as he says.  Oh and yes, he decided he needed his super seeing goggles and sunglasses for this hike. On the way out the door he grabbed a lolli-pop as well.

What a perfect weekend!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Saturday Morning

On Saturday mornings Mommy and David are almost always found at Stroller Strides.  However, every once in a while David sleeps in and Mommy leaves David with Daddy.  This happened a couple of Saturday's ago.  Mommy went to workout and Daddy and David got donuts.

And just to clarify, Angie did help herself to one after her workout, I mean pregnancy and all she had to!

Friday, January 18, 2013


This week Mommy had a friend travel with her at work.  Barkley went into classrooms and captured the work she was doing with students.  David found him at home and thought he needed to do some work with Barkley too!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Fort

Last night while Mommy was cleaning the kitchen there was some hard work going on upstairs.  Daddy and David built a fort.  David even told his friends about it at stroller Strides this morning.  What a fun Daddy David has!
Where is David...?
 Here he is!
 Every good fort has a flash light inside.
 David did not like Mommy peeking in; no Mommies in the fort!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ice Cream

Mommy has been wanting some ice cream for a couple of weeks now.  So, Saturday night when the cold front blew in we headed out for some ice cream!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Soccer Tryouts

This weekend we decided to put David back in Soccer.  It has been a year since he first started and he needs something where he follows directions.
So, we moved from Soccer Tots, where he was a Soccer cub, over to Lil' Kickers where we tried out the Cottontail class.  We chose this class where he would be the youngest thinking it would challenge him a bit more and keep him focused.
warming up...

 learning to build a tower...

 kicking a ball into the tower...
 kicking into the goal...

After about 25 minutes, where Greg was constantly redirecting, David began to yell he wanted to go home.  And so that ended out Cottontails class.  It could have been a little slow paced, or that Angie had David with her at Stroller Strides before class, or it was just too hard, regardless we left half way in.
So, Sunday after church we raced home and changed David into his soccer clothes.  He ate lunch in the car and we headed back to Lil' Kickers for the Thumper's class.  He was one of the oldest, it was much more his speed, and he had a great time!
warming up...
 running, red light green light...
 following directions...
David is an official Thumper and should received his Lil' Kickers uniform soon!