Thursday, February 28, 2013

Big Boy Bed

Well Angie worked later than Greg yesterday so Greg was picking up David.  However, when Greg called to see if David was still napping David suggested he get to play a little longer.  So, that was a perfect opportunity for Greg to get home take down David's crib and put up his new bed.  We knew we would have to do this with David gone because he was so against moving to his new bed.
As Angie finished work she picked David up and arrived home with him just as Greg was taking the mattress upstairs. 
David ran up the stairs straight into his room excited to jump on his bed... good sign.  He was excited until bed time and then requested his crib.  He was up three times in the first ten minutes of being in his bed, but the last time he stayed in and slept until about 6:45 this morning.  Not as long as normal, but still stayed in bed all night.  We heard him stir, watched him hop out of bed on the monitor, and then heard his little feet running across the tile into our room.  When he arrived he was very dissatisfied that there was not quite enough room for him in Mommy and Daddy's bed.
Naptime today is a different story... he is still awake!  This Mommy had a list of housework, work, and a nap on her list.  So much for plans!
UPDATE: After an hour and a half of putting David back in his bed, he is now sound asleep... persistence with this little guy is key.
Here are a few pictures of David at bedtime last night.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Big Boy Update

Yesterday as Angie was walking in to pick David up from Greg's parents David came running into the entry way.  Angie assumed he had been up for a while.  Then Mimi saw David and realized he had gotten out of bed by himself from his nap.
At bedtime Angie and David talked about staying in his bed at morning time because Angie wanted David to be safe.  She explained how crawling out of his crib could cause him to get hurt.  David explained that he wanted to "do it"  and that he would not get hurt and that there was no need for Mommy to come upstairs to get him.
So, Angie tried it this way,
Angie: David when you wake up call Mommy and Mommy will say "David I am coming right now good morning, I love you."  And then Mommy will come in your room and scoop you up and give you kisses.
David:  In his tiniest, sweetest voice, "Mommy you can not come upstairs and say 'David I am coming right now, good morning, and I love you' and scoop me up because you are not a bull dozer."
And with that laugh David went to bed.
This morning as Angie was getting ready for work, Greg was already at work, David came down the stairs on his own and he said, in his sweetest, tiniest voice, "Mommy you did not get to come upstairs and say good morning and I love you."

It looks like we will be moving this little monkey to his big boy bed tonight.  He is resisting and continues to tell us that Baby Adam can have his big boy bed, but safety first.  This may be a hard night at the House's House.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


This morning Angie and Greg were in the bathroom both getting ready for work.  All of a sudden the double doors to the bathroom were pushed open.  They expected Bella, but caught a surprise of their little guy walking in, his last two pacifiers accompanying him and he says, "I heard a noise while I was sleeping."  Angie said, "Did you call Mommy over the monitor?" thinking she may not have heard him over the hair dryer.  David's response, "No, I just came downstairs."
And so, it seems,  the transition to a big boy bed will occur just in time.  Oh how they thought he would not get out of bed because he does not enjoy walking down the stairs.  This may be even tougher than expected.

Friday, February 22, 2013

33 Months

Today sweet David turned 33 months old.  It is hard to believe that his little life is flying by so quickly.  In just a very short three months we will have a three year old and that seems almost impossible!
David has become very fond of coloring lately.  He requests this activity several times in a day, more than cars and trucks, more than playing outside, and more than playing hide an seek, which is still a very favorite game of his. 
David is also enjoying longer texts being read to him and has a favorite author at the moment... Robert Munsch.
He has surprised us with his initiating potty training.  He is potty trained for daytime with really no accidents to speak of.  He was definitely ready before Mommy was.  He is proud of himself still at every single potty break and many times wants to save his treasures for Daddy to view when he gets home from a long day at work.
We are now working on transitioning David to a big boy bed.  We are in the process of redecorating his room.  David has picked the theme and bedding - race cars!  Tonight he and Daddy taped the walls for Daddy to begin painting this weekend.  Greg has another detailed design for David's room.  Our goal is to finish before Next weekend, we shall see how motivated we really are.
It is just amazing to think of all that David has learned in his 33 months and we could not be more proud of this very special gift we have the privilege of  loving daily.
Happy 33 months David we love you!

Monday, February 18, 2013

House Men

Daddy, Cousin Jake, and David began preparing our yard for spring last weekend.  We have new mulch. David was covered in all of two minutes.  Mommy is still grasping that boys are messy, David had a bath about 10 minutes before this job began.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Dress Up

We love to catch David in the outfits he throws together!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentine Surprises

David was busy this year making Valentine surprises.  He painted with Mommy, Daddy, and Mimi this year and we all received a special handcrafted Valentine from our little guy.
Mommy worked on Valentine's day, but Daddy captured some pictures of the morning with David so she did not miss out on the expressions from David's little face...  Valentine's Morning
 Here he is getting his new Fire Fighter Boots...

 Daddy took David to Ed and Mimi's house.  There he received a new truck and lolli-pop, no pictures, but a sweet card came home with David in his bag.  Once we were home Mommy and David walked to the mailbox where another package was waiting for David.  Gram and Grandad sent David a special valentine too along with some pink valentine candy canes and stickers...

 We sure received lots of love notes this year... we love rereading them all, especially David.  Mommy had to put them up high so that they would not get torn to pieces:)
 Greg surprised Angie with roses on Tuesday so we enjoyed them all week!  Another big surprise was a diamond earring.  The day we married Greg gave Angie a pair of little sweet diamond earrings that she has worn just about everyday since they were married.  Last Monday one went missing.  Everyday for almost 10 years ( three weeks shy of 10 years) these earrings have been with Angie.  And so Greg went to a jeweler and bought a diamond and they matched a setting so that Angie now has a set for hopefully much longer than the next 10 years.  A little side note, 11 years ago tonight we became engaged.  So we have one earring from our wedding day and one from the 11th anniversary of our engagement and Angie is happily wearing them both!
We hope all of you had a special day too!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine Playdates

Mommy had to work on Valentine's day again this year.  So, it was nice our friends could make some valentine fun the day before...
We began by making Valentine's for our friends on Tuesday evening...

After Stroller Strides on Wednesday morning we had a Valentine Party and exchange.  David passed all of his Valentine's out by himself!  He is getting so grown up.  Then he tried a little craft time.

 David's bag full of special notes from his friends...

Time for a few snacks before heading home...

Wednesday afternoon we had Carter, Ella, Baby Harper, and Baby Kendall over for a late play-date...
We made a few snacks and some dinner.
 David could not get enough of the babies
 Sweet Ella

 And Rough and Tough Carter

 David insisted that both Harper and Kendall wanted their pacifiers
The boys found some stickers

 Outside playtime while the Mommies finished up dinner

Mmmm... vegetable soup and Grilled Cheese
 And decorate your own cupcake for dessert
Thank you friends for such a fun evening!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Love Letter

From Guess Who...

Happy Valentine's Day from The House Family!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Funny Valentine

Oh how he has stolen our hearts this silly, happy, and very funny Love Bug!