Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Fire Station Fun

This morning after Stroller Strides we had a play date at the fire station across the street from the park.  SS does this about once a year so this was David's third visit to this particular station and of course Adam's first.  It is nice because we just walk across the street -  a 5 lane street, but it is super convenient. We all push our strollers and the firefighters stop traffic to let us all cross - it is a little bit of a scene.
So last night to get ready for our fun outing David and Adam went to sleep in their fire truck pajamas.

 David chose some fire books to read at bedtime
 And off to sleep these two junior firefighters went

 Bright and early this morning they were ready to go

 But first Mama needed a workout and so the boys worked out too

 Finally time for the tour.  This is the fire chief.  As soon as we walked up he saw David's fire boots and asked where Angie bought them.  The number 343 is on the front.  He asked if we knew what that meant.  Of course we did not, but on the tour we found out.  It is the number of fire fighters killed on 9 -11 and each one of their pictures is hanging in this fire station.
 Here is where the chaos began, when the kids were taken into the living/room kitchen of the fire house.  The kids found games and snacks that belonged to the fire fighters, so it was off to the Bay quickly to see the trucks.
 Walking into the Bay the firefighters moved out a brush braker truck and everyone was mesmerized as it moved out.  After the truck moved the fire fighter that was speaking asked if anyone knew the names of the trucks.  David in his loudest of voices identified each truck that was in the Bay correctly.  He was impressive to all of the Mama's and every fire fighter.  He was making his mark this morning.

 Adam enjoyed the trucks too!
 They had one fire fighter put each piece of gear on and the kids were able to see that the person under all of that gear is really nice and wants to help.  Their point is if you ever see someone like this don't run from them run too them.  David of course then ran right up to him and gave him a high five and then a thumbs up.

 David was also the first child to climb into the pumper truck.

 David was so excited.  Angie did not take video, but should have.  He was walking around giving all of the fire fighters thumbs up, this is a new thing that began last week, this thumbs up.

 Most of the kiddos and Mama's.  Some left early because the fire fighter was a little scary to a few.
 Tired and happy boys.  A great morning for us all!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Dinner Help

Last night while David played in the backyard and Greg was at work Adam helped Angie cook dinner.  Cutest little dinner helper she has had in a long time!  This was Adam's first time in his high chair and he seemed to like it!  He talked to her and was happy the entire time it took to cook dinner and set the table. 

Monday, July 29, 2013

Gram and Grandad

Angie's parents visited last week and were a big help to Angie while Greg worked.  They of course played with the boys.  They also would watch one while Angie spent time with the other.  Angie was able to take David to the pool, Adam to a long doctors appointment, work out with only one boy to watch, etc...David and Adam enjoyed their time too with Gram and Grandad.
On top of that her parents cooked, cleaned, grocery shopped, laundry, ran errands, and did a few little projects.  We are missing them today!  Thanks for a great week Gram and Grandad!
Grandad spent a lot of time holding Adam
 so that Adam could rest
 And play

 Gram and David cooked together... here they are making hamburgers

 proud of his work!
 Gram brought ingredients for s'mores.  Instead of using the fire pit we just used the bbq grill; it was already hot.
 Sweet Gram and Adam

Sunday, July 28, 2013


It is really hard not to compare the boys for Angie.  They were born at the same time so they are wearing the same clothes at the same time of year.  This makes Angie remember most of David's activities in each outfit.  And because of this she compares their looks often...
Sweet Brothers.
Here Angie really thinks their noses and mouths look the same...
 And here even there hands are in the exact same position...
And here, well all of the features look the same except hair color of course... 
And here Adam is just much bigger it seems...
Do you think they look alike?
 It is just amazing how these two boys can melt their Mama's heart!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Another Donut Shop

In the heat of the day it is hard to find activities that are ok for Adam to participate in with us.  So, last weekend we decided to introduce David to Krispy Kreme.  Adam came along for the ride.  They were not making donuts while we were there (something we will have to go back to see) but David enjoyed the trip anyway.