Monday, September 30, 2013

4 Months Stats

This afternoon Adam had his 4 month well check.  He did very well - he charmed the nurses and doctor with his smiles and giggles!
He got a great report of meeting all of his mile stones.  Thankful for such a sweet, healthy, and happy baby. 
We are blessed - David too charmed the nurses and front desk medical assistants.  So much personality in our little guys - They make so many happy.

Two Months
Height: 23 3/4 inches - 75th-90th percentile
Weight: 13 pounds 10 ounces - 90th percentile

Head Circumference - 39 1/2 cm - 25th - 50th percentile

Four Months
Height: 26 inches - 80th percentile
Weight: 15 pounds 5 ounces - 43rd percentile

Head Circumference - 42 cm - 25th - 57th percentile

David at this age:
4 Months

 Height - 24 1/4 inches - 25%
Weight - 13 pounds 10 oz - 25%
Head - 39.5 cm - 5%

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Coffee Date

David and Mimi have coffee dates at Starbucks from time to time.  Friday they headed to Starbucks while Adam napped with Grandpa Ed.  On the way they stopped at the Chisholm Trail park - next to the Round Rock... David enjoyed the "cows."

So thankful the boys are with Grandparents and not day care while we work. 
It is a true blessing that our boys have grandparents that love them so!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Day Out with Thomas

Mimi invited David to go with her to Day Out with Thomas.  Angie did not want to miss so she invited herself and Adam.  Then she invited Luke and Lila and Aunt Christie.  After that we invited Gram and Grandad and it became a big day.  We left early this morning bound for Burnet to see Thomas.
Upon arriving we needed to find out how things worked... Mimi and Gram went to ask for instructions... this cousin picture marked how the day would go.  Everyone had a great day, but no one wanted to stop for pictures...

 Ok, now we are ready.  Armed with a map and a page of places to visit and receive stamps we were off...

 First up Sir Topham Hatt... David went up immediately - did a front roll in front of him on the hard concrete, said, "Here I am" and was then ready for a picture. 
 Luke went right up politely stood for a picture
 and Lila wanted to look from afar
 Next up, time for conductor hats...

 And then Thomas began rolling down the tracks... all three had a different reaction upon seeing Thomas, hearing his whistle, and watching him puff steam...

 All Aboard...
 Believe it or not these are the best Angie could get of these three cousins...

 A break for a short time before another little one joined them...


 Time for pictures with Thomas... Angie decided the line to get close to Thomas was too long - we took our pictures with Thomas through the fence... Lila was never quite sure what we were doing.
 David really wanted nothing to do with pictures at this point
 On to Imagination Station...

 And then the gift shop...

When we returned home and we were all settled down Angie asked the kiddos their favorite part of the morning - here are their responses:
David: "Riding inside of Thomas!"
Luke: "The Gift Shop!"
Lila: "Thomas?"
Thanks for a great idea Mimi!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

He is Listening

On the way to Stroller Strides yesterday this conversation occurred:
David: (from the very back seat as we were going over a set of railroad tracks) Mom - you did not look for trains!
Angie: David you are right - I need to look next time don't I?
David: Yes, you should look - you have to be safe.  We will have to go home if you don't look for trains on our way home from Stroller Strides Mom!  Do you understand?
Angie: Yes, David I understand
David: Ok, what did I say?
Angie: If Mommy does not look for trains on the way home then we have to go home
David: Good Job Mom!

After going to the car wash and pulling into the garage:
Angie: David I want you to pick up your lion and bring him inside
David: I don't want to
Angie: Yes, we just cleaned out our car we are taking it in - pick it up
David: No
Angie: you don't tell Mommy No, pick up your lion
David: But you did not give me choices
Angie: (with a giggle) Your choices are to pick up your lion OR pick up your lion
David: (laughing hard) Mom - that's not how you do it!

Do you think he maybe hears the same patterns when we talk to him...
Do you understand?
What did I say?
Most of the time their are choices involved apparently

How clever he is~!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

4 Months

It does not seem like it has already been for months since we headed to the hospital awaiting Adam's arrival.  That day was wonderful and life with Adam gets better each day.  Time is moving faster than it did with David - and we thought it moved too fast with him.
Adam is a happy boy and is now content most of the time - unless he is hungry and then you better be ready to feed him.
He is strong. He holds his head up well.  He plays on his stomach lifting himself up for long stretches of time.  He likes to kick his legs sitting or laying.  He talks much more often and sometimes "sings."  He still loves his fingers and drools!  David never ever drooled - Adam goes through a least three outfits each day.
It is quite amazing how your heart can swell with so much love for your children. We are incredibly thankful for the gift of Adam.  Happy 4 months Adam!
 Warning: There are quite a few pictures - Angie wants to remember the many happy faces of Adam!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Perfect Morning

The weather was beautiful this morning.  Cool crisp air and a blue sky was a perfect morning for the park.  We packed up and headed to Stroller Strides.  Adam did great today - must have been the cool air.  He slept the entire class.

After class we had a little play date at the park.  We made a fall monogram and shared some snacks.  Then the kids played - Adam watched and giggled and then needed milk.

After a little play time we headed to music.  Both boys really enjoyed class this morning.  Adam was singing and playing instruments today.  David was the only child that followed every direction - a proud Momma today.
A great morning for this Momma and her boys!