Thursday, October 31, 2013

Finally Over

There are conflicting reports of Adam's first time to roll over.  Greg has seen him independently roll over.  Angie has seen Adam roll with a little assistance.  Greg's parents have seen Adam roll independently... but no one had it on video.  So last night Angie saw it for the first time and of course grabbed the camera.  So Angie declares that last night Adam rolled over for the first time.  Way to go Big Boy... Mama has been waiting!  We love watching you grow, but oh how time is slipping away from us. 

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Never Enough Time

At then end of a day when the laundry is folded, the toys are picked up, the kitchen is clean, and the boys are asleep we realize there is just never enough time with these two.  They give us such riches and time just seems to move to quickly during the day.  We love being the parents of these two little thinkers!
Last night at dinner this was the conversation...
Angie: Adam you found your fingers... those are your fingers!
David: Adam found his phalanges, Adam those are phalanges.
Angie: David what smart thinking you are doing
Greg: We love to hear you saying big words David!
All the while sweet Adam gave us big smiles as if he knew we were talking about his fingers.
These boys have our hearts for sure!  Such sweetness in the calm of an evening.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Family Photo Fail

Sunday we had planned to go to church as usual.  Then have a nice family lunch and a family picture at one of our favorite parks.  The photo was something we needed for church - plus we have not really had a family picture since Adam was a month old.
Our plans changed when both boys woke with fever and runny noses and were frankly just cranky.  The problem was we still needed a family picture.  We decided we were just going to have to take one at home - boring background, sick children, and a deadline do not make for the best of situations for family pictures - here is what we got!  Enjoy these outtakes - we may could win a family photo contest for pictures gone bad. 

Greg's idea to liven up our family shot...
 And with all of that we had to just go with tired faces, drool drips on shirts, watery eyes, and a hope that happiness finds its way into our next family picture because this one is fairly pitiful! 

Monday, October 28, 2013

Touch a Truck

Saturday we spent some time at The Truck A Touch event put on by the city.  It was a hit again with David this year!
Adam was asleep when we arrived.  He slept through the first very loud horns being honked by the junior drivers.  We tried out best to muffle the sound, but after a few minutes he was wide awake.
Here is David driving the trash truck...

 And Adam is now awake, but still happy Adam
 Superman "flying" on the trash truck

 On to the next line to wait for a turn in the cement mixer

 Angie held Adam quite a bit because he was curious
 Army Jeep...

 Farmer David - he loves a John Deere

 Adam sat on David's side of the stroller for the first time ever... it made Angie nervous, but he seemed to enjoy seeing out.  This will not happen again for a long time!

 David saw the bus and looked at Angie and Said, Bye Mom.  I am going to school now."  Then he went and stood in the line to get on the bus.
 HE chose the front seat and insisted on buckling up - good boy David!
 After this Angie took Adam to the car to eat.  Adam was so proud of himself sitting up in his car seat!

David took a turn in the SWAT truck and enjoyed a Kona ice before returning to the car with Greg.  A fun family event again this year!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Hanging Out at Home

There is not a single thing we would rather do than to just be at home all of us together!