Friday, January 31, 2014

School Days

David has had some fun days at school lately.  Last week he had pajama day.  He had brand new race car pajamas for the occasion and Angie forgot to document that with a picture. 
Yesterday was a teddy bear picnic.  Wednesday afternoon Angie and David went upstairs to find a teddy bear for David to take to his picnic.  They first sifted through stuffed animals in the playroom.  They looked at bears Mimi had brought back from London, bears he had been given by his friends, but he chose a big black gorilla from Grandpa Ed.  Angie talked David in to going to his room to look through the stuffed animals in there.  They looked at the bear he had been given the day he was born by Aunt Amy, more bears from London, a UT bear, but he saw his Ribbit Hoppity he made on Father's Day at Build A Bear.  And well there was no bear that joined David - he chose a frog!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Home With Mom

Circumstances are funny sometimes... last Thursday there was talk of a big freeze coming.  Angie really kind of dismissed all of the weather warnings and prepared for a normal working Friday last week. 
By bedtime she knew there was a 2 hour delay for her.  And then upon waking Friday morning schools had been cancelled.  An unexpected day at home was a gift... now what to do with two little guys and a yard of ice. Play in it.  And then that led to a three year old eating ice.
By Friday afternoon said three year old was sick.  Our first stomach bug as parents and it was not easy.
Saturday morning carpet cleaners were called.  Saturday afternoon carpets were clean.
By Sunday Greg had this awful bug. 
Monday Angie took the boys to the doctor just to make sure we did not have flu.  It was not, but  on the way home there was a three year old vomiting in the back of the car,  buckled in, scared and screaming... not a fun sight to see from the rear view mirror!
Angie knew she would need to take off on Tuesday.  She went home started e-mailing and calling to cancel meetings and appointments that were scheduled for Tuesday.
Monday afternoon Adam now had it - the first sign -  he took a four hour nap.  This is our little guy that has never slept that long straight without waking - ever - in his whole life - Angie knew it was coming!
Tuesday turned into another ice day and schools were cancelled.  Angie missed nothing!!
Angie does not work Wednesday's which is a good thing - it was nice to have one more day for everyone to have rest and recoup from a stomach bug.
But that leaves Angie with having an entire week with the boys.  She was home from last Friday until today... and well... it has been wonderful! Oh how she will miss these faces, and giggles, and kisses and smiles.  These are the greatest of days - the days with these two.
Here are some shots of our boys, at home, just being with mom!

 Adam's first art...

And David getting away with a paci... it is amazing what you can get when you are recovering from a stomach bug!
These boys make their Mama incredibly thankful and extremely happy!  What blessings we have been given!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

And then He Crawled

This morning he was trying...

And by the afternoon - he was mobile!!  Now, this video is not great - the one where he moved - really moved - was accidentally deleted.  But here he is in all of his moving glory!
Adam crawling...

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Family Portrait

When David's cousin Luke was 3 he drew this family portrait. 
 Lila, David's cousin and Luke's sister is 6 months younger than David.  So, she is also three.  She too is drawing people fairly well.

 This made Angie question if David had this ability... her thought was he was not sure how to draw people.  So, Friday morning we were all home because of the ice.  Angie invited David up to draw with her in the playroom while Adam and Greg played downstairs.  Surprisingly David was excited to draw. 
Angie drew herself and David said, "I can do that".  And then all on his own he drew himself.  After that he said, "Look there I am."  He then added his name to his drawing.  Angie was very surprised at the ability he had she knew nothing about.
 Next he drew Greg.  He was thrilled with his picture and Said, "Mom look it is our family!  I am going to show my Dad!"
Angie stopped David quickly and asked if there was anything missing from his picture.  He remembered Adam and said, "I am going to draw my Dad holding Adam."  His attempt is now what he calls the air pump in Greg's arms.  The head was not quite big enough for the face.  The second attempt at Adam is the garden hose you see to the right of the picture... again not quite the right size. The third and final try was exactly as David had planned, the yellow Adam right next to David.  David said, "Look he is my little brother."
David was excited about his portrait and took it downstairs where it is now the center piece of our mantel.  And he has not picked up a crayon since!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Ice in Austin

Thursday afternoon, about 1:30 it began icing.  Angie picked the boys up early and they were home safe and warm by 4:30.  At about 5:30 the ice started accumulating.  David noticed this and wanted to go outside.  But he had nothing on... he usually strips down as soon as we walk through the door.  So he went upstairs to put on a shirt so he said.  Angie went up and put Adam to bed.  While Angie rocked Adam and got him to sleep David stayed busy in his room - this got Angie wondering what was going on, but she could only wonder as to not wake Adam.  As soon as Adam was in his bed she walked into David's room and found him in his snow suit.  He put this "snow suit" together and then, yes, wore it out in the freezing ice cold evening.  He never complained about being cold.  David just continued repeating snow is fun fun fun!
What a creative little guy we have!
He was so excited he could not stop jumping up and down before running out to touch it!
Off he goes...


We went to bed knowing Angie was on a two hour delay.  However we were up at 4:30 because Adam is always up at 4:30 and Greg needed to decide what his plans were for his clinic.  He made the call to go in to work, only to have to come back home because it was just too icy.  Then Angie got a call that she would not be going to work at all.  We enjoyed a little time in the backyard before Greg headed back to work for the afternoon. 
 David headed outside first with again, just his long soccer socks, boots, underwear.  We finally talked him into adding his jeans and pj shirt.  He would have nothing to do with a coat, gloves, or hat.. Adam dressed in layers, but did not want his mittens on.  He did not seem to even notice the ice or the temperature.  He was really just wanting the leaves on the ground.

 A little coincidental that both of our boys had snow days at 8 months.
 David had a snow day Friday, February 4, 2011. 
Adam had his first snow day Friday, January 24, 2014 - the day he turned 8 months. 
What a fun way to celebrate 8 months!