Saturday, May 31, 2014

First Family Swim

Although David has been in the pool with cousins this spring, we as a family have not been to the pool.  So, today was the day.  Adam had his very first swim - other than dipping his feet in last summer at 6 weeks of age.
We think he enjoyed himself.  We were able to stay for about an hour and a half with both boys happy!

 Our little swimmer actually diving for his dive coins this summer... we have had these for three summers now.

 Look at that swim baby!

Happy Summer!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Dentist for Two

Adam had his first trip to the dentist yesterday.  Poor thing well check one day and dentist the next.  Angie scheduled David for another dental appointment as well just to get the boys on the same schedule. 
David was there in February and was told by Dr. Jenny he needed to work really hard to give up his paci habit.  Thanks to Greg, David was able to tell Dr. Jenny today - No More Paci.  He was so proud to tell her and was able to get 4 treasures and 2 stickers.
Adam did well too.  While David was getting his teeth cleaned Adam wanted in the chair and right up there with David.  When it was his turn however, he was not so excited.  He did not mind the dentist and hygienists talking to him, but he did not want anyone brushing his teeth.  Angie feels like this could be a result of the procedures he had to have done with no anesthetic when he was 14 weeks old.
Anyway, both boys have healthy teeth.  Adam actually has another tooth that has broken through and another one just about to break through.  That means 6 teeth for Adam.
Adam in the waiting room...
 Here are our clean smiles!
 First time to the dentist...

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

1 Year Stats

Yesterday Adam had his 1 year well check visit.  Greg took both boys while Angie was at work.  This is the very first appointment she has missed with either boy.  David will have his well check in a couple of weeks (insurance dates are off with David).

Nine Months
Height: 29 inches - 62nd percentile
Weight: 18 pounds 9 ounces -24th percentile

Head Circumference - 45.5 cm - 56th percentile

Twelve Months
Height: 29 inches - 19th percentile
Weight: 19 pounds 5.5 ounces -19th percentile

Head Circumference- 46.4 cm - 60th percentile

David at this age:
Height: 29 inches - 25th percentile
Weight: 16 pounds 10 ounces - below the 5th percentile
Head Circumference - 44 cm - 5th percentile

So Adam and David are the same height at 12 months.  Adam has a much larger head than David, by 2.5 cm,  and is almost three pounds heavier - but still we are told he is on the lean side.  Adam is not walking independently yet - but it looks like that will happen soon. And honestly we love that he is still crawling.  It is a little easier plus it makes Adam seem like a baby just a little longer.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Birthday Follow Up

Well we have been celebrating our boys for a week.  Since their party last weekend a few things have happened in our little family.
On Thursday, David's actual birthday and last day of preschool, his teacher had a little birthday celebration in the middle of the activities planned for the day.  She sent these pictures so that we could celebrate with them in spirit.  Ms. Angie will be missed for sure!

Thursday evening Greg took off a little early and we had David's birthday surprise waiting for him...
he had to wait blind folded...

 For this!

 He rode for about a minute without training wheels...

 And then pulled out his balance bike... Adam has already decided he is ready for David's balance bike!

 We decided to put training wheels on and David took off and rode for the next 3 hours!  Dinner and baths were skipped Thursday night.
 Saturday morning, Adam's actual birthday, David and Adam were up early.  And David decided to read Adam a birthday book - Garden Birthday!  Adam and David's sat in their chairs on their own and had a story time.  Adam loves his chair!

 Then Adam did a little walking inside with this... Angie actually caught video of it!
and outside with his new lawnmower. 
 Then Angie and the boys were off to Stroller Strides.  On the way home they ran through Starbucks for some celebratory cake pops.  After lunch we enjoyed the backyard with a little cake!

 Mama with the birthday boy!
We have enjoyed celebrating these two for an entire week and are so thankful for these two little boys that bring us joy every single day!
Happy Birthday David and Adam!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

A First Birthday

How is this sweet little boy already 1?  Today we celebrate a year with Adam.  How blessed we are to have been given another happy little boy!
Adam enjoys outside time more than just about anything.  He loves balls, is beginning to be interested in cars, and has a love for people like his brother - just not quite as eager to be held by everyone.  He dances anytime he hears music and directs the music with his finger.
He has added a new word to his vocabulary - Uh Oh!  Adam climbs the stairs and will walk pushing his walker - but will not let us get any video of it.  Anytime Angie pulls out the camera he sits down. He enjoys flipping, flopping, and rolling around in his bed, David's bed, and our bed.  He is always wanting to hold a remote control (just like David at this age) and he pretends to talk on the phone with anything from his hand to a play phone.  He continues to enjoy a pretty long game of peek-a-boo, and gives us smiles all day long.
Adam Samuel House you are a treasure and we are so grateful that you were given to us by The One True King!  We love you deeply!
Happy First Birthday Sweet Boy!


Friday, May 23, 2014


 We celebrated David turning 4 and Adam turning 1 this past weekend.

 Saturday morning Adam came downstairs and found his big gift - a new chair just like Daddy and David.
David chose the theme for the day - Super Heroes.  We had about 25 children attend on Saturday and we think that they all had a great time!
The cakes - David chose these as well - Batman for David
Captain America for Adam
And Adam's little smash cakes was to match David's big cake!

For those that prefer cupcakes...

The snacks consisted of super foods for super powers...

And hero sandwiches...
The Games...

Aunt Christie found these super cute shoes for Adam...

Time to party...

 One of the moms made David and Adam personalized capes...

 David was flying all morning and so happy - so fun to watch him!

And then some very special guests surprised David!  This series of pictures shows David's reaction to what he says is the best part of his day!

Batman came...

And Spiderman...

David could not get enough.  He held about a 25 minute conversation with what he now refers to as his "Super Hero Friends."

 This was totally David's idea to pose like Spiderman...
 Saying goodbye to his friends!

 And then he immediately went to make a "Spiderman Mask."
 Adam joined in on some painting fun...

Time for Cake...

While David ate cake...
Adam had turkey and strawberries...

While Adam napped David opened some of his gifts...

After Adam woke it was time for his cake...

Not so sure just yet...

a taste and...
too sweet...

But he went back for more!

He tried to pick the entire cake up...


All Done!

Lila and her "laser fingers"
Time for Adam to open his gifts...

And David opened his last few... 

We thank everyone for celebrating these sweet boys with us!