Monday, June 30, 2014

Celebrating The 4th

We began celebrating our country this morning at Stroller Strides at Red, White and Blue day!

 David chose a Moo Bar...
 And Adam a red popsicle.  Angie let him have it thinking he would not eat it.  He does not like ice cream or foods that cannot be manipulated with fingers... Angie was wrong and he became possessive when she tried to take it away after the first lick!

 The Kiddos - David is being covered up by another little guy in this first photo...
 And Adam is turned backwards in this one...
 The after pics...

 They both fell asleep on the way home at 11:00...

It is 3:00 and David is still asleep and Adam just went down again.  Summer is wearing us out!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Conversations with David

In the car both boys in the back seat and Angie driving...
Angie: David is Adam sleeping
David: No, he is alive
Angie: Well, I hope he is alive, that means he is breathing.  Do you also mean he is awake?
David: yes, and his eyes are open.

Coming down stairs David finds Angie on the couch with Adam early one morning...
David: Mommy, I slept a lot of hours didn't I?

David enjoys having a little control so he usually starts with - Mom, here is the deal... and then follows with something he wants first and then something he knows Angie will want.
A deal might be - Mom, I will have a snack and than I will clean my toys, deal?

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

13 Months

Adam spent his 13 month birthday at Gram and Grandad's house today.  He is still a happy baby.  He enjoys attention, is still not a great sleeper, but is a fairly good eater.  His favorties continue to be chicken and avacado.  He is walking more and more with assistance - video to follow soon.  He loves David and has added hot and Uh Oh to his vocabulary - although Aunt Christie thinks they sound exactly the same.  He is also trying to say water, but it sounds like light.  He has not added any additional signs this month, but we are working on it.
We continue to love our days with this little guy.
Happy 13 months Adam Samual - we love you so!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

San Antonio

Sunday afternoon we headed to San Antonio for a couple of days.
What we were unaware of was that when we headed to The River Walk Sunday evening the Spurs were in their final play off game.  And yes the River Walk was full of Spurs Fans.  Congratulations Spurs for winning Sunday Evening.
We started with a boat tour.  The boys did well.  Here they are on the boat ride taking it all in!

 Monday we headed to Sea World Early - Adam woke that morning at 4:30.  And so when we left at 9:30 for Sea World he was asleep.  He was a trooper!
David's favorite part of the day was this roller coaster.  He rode it several times through out the day.
 Adam took many trips on the carousel, but he was not allowed to ride on an actual horse.  The rule was that they had to take at least 3 steps on their own before they could sit on an animal.

 2 years ago this was David's favorite ride!  He only rode it once this trip.

 Here we are at the Sea Lion and Seal show...

 time to feed a few ourselves...

 he got it!

 Next stop - penguin exhibit... we tried for a family photo - it was dark and both boys were watching the penguins behind us.  Thanks Mimi for trying!
 Next up was lunch with Shamu... poor Adam slept all the way through the lunch experience.
 The trainers came to our table so that we could ask questions.  David's first question was if this trainer had any brothers or sisters.  Then he told her all about his baby Adam.  They made a connection that his baby still needs milk and the youngest Shamu, 6 months,  at Sea World San Antonio still needs milk too.  She will drink milk until she is 2 rather than eat much fish.

 There are 6 Shamu at the San Antonio park
 This is the biggest weighing in at 9,000 pounds

 Adam woke so we took a little stretch break.  Here is David with all of his Shamu souvenirs from Mimi and Ed.
 Mama and Adam in the shade applying more sunscreen.
 Time to climb...

And then back to the hotel for swimming, dinner, and S'mores out by the fire pits.
These two were worn out!

Thanks for a great trip Mimi and Ed.