Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Pumpkin Painting

Yesterday afternoon the boys had a little fun painting pumpkins.  Their masterpieces are beautiful - but the process was the best part!
Time with these boys - priceless.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Cookie Tour

This morning Angie and the boys headed to Eileen's Colossal Cookies with their Stroller Strides friends.  David was excited to go the  "Cookie Factory."  Adam on the other hand really just wanted down to explore in his way.  They all three ended up having a great time - and Adam was not interested in tasting a cookie at all.

Waiting for the tour to begin...

 Getting the rules down... don't touch anything!
 Mixing ingredients...

 Mixed refrigerated dough...
 Baking the cookies...

 Icing the cookies...

 Decorating David's COOKIE...

 David asked for his to have a rat on top!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Big Boy

David is becoming more independent every single day. And while this is a fact of life and there are times that this independence makes life easier, there are times we miss the little guy the needed us just a bit more.
David - how we love him!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

16 Months

Today Adam turns 16 months old.  He is still happy most of the time, but he is beginning to make it known when he does not like an answer he has received.  This age is when David began testing his limits too - brothers in some ways they are very similar and other ways so very different.
Adam's favorites still include, David, Daddy, dogs, water, dancing, and outside.
He has added more words and signs to his vocabulary.  He is beginning to say more than one syllable in a word.  He clearly says Mama now:) and during the night instead of just crying he now says Mama.  Lets just say he has found a way to get Angie upstairs even faster - and it was already pretty fast.  Adam is still up on average 3 time a night - some nights more. 
Adam has started to try and sing and will repeat just about any thing David does.  From crying to yelling, to hiding - he copies his big brother all day long.  He still enjoys a game of peek-a-boo, but it is now moving into hiding in the house and not answering when he is called.  David did this too when he was little.  They are as quiet as they can be while you walk around calling their name.  When Adam can't stand it any longer he comes out crawling as fast as he can laughing uncontrollably.  Which brings up walking - he is able, but still chooses to crawl. 
There is just not a way to describe the joy he brings to our little family - how thankful we are for Adam Samuel.  Happy 16 months sweet boy!
Look at those dirty knees from crawling outside...
 Where is Adam?
 There he is...
 Those teeth...
 That smile...
 This baby boy!
 Walking while singing...
 Can you find Adam...

 Oh, there he is!
So much fun - Adam!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

First Day of Fall

Typically on the first day of fall Angie and David spend some time decorating.  However, this happened at our house a week and a half ago.  David did ask to make pumpkin muffins yesterday.  He did not know it was the first day of fall, but it was a little extra motivation for Angie to take the time to do this with David.  Angie happened to have all the ingredients so baking for fall is what they did this year.  Adam napped and everyone enjoyed a little snack while dinner was made.


Happy Fall!