Monday, December 28, 2015

Stroller Strides Buddies

Angie loves the boys to work out with her.  It will never ever be as much fun to exercise without these sweet little boys.  And sometimes Adam entertains other babies!


Sunday, December 27, 2015

Notes from David

David brings home notes every day from school that he creates.  During the three weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas he was bring home cards he made.  His teacher had old Christmas cards in the writing center and he made them personal and brought them home.  What a fun age this is!
Mom did you get the card that I gave you.
Dear Mom I love you so much that I cant love you anymore.
Mom I love you mom
I love Jesus
I love mom
David and Adam
Mom is love 2 me
I love David
The star is love of Jesus
Mom is the best

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas Memories in the 4th week of Advent

The fourth week of Advent was busy and fun!
There were a handful of nights during the season that Angie put the boys in the stroller and they would run around the neighborhood looking at lights.  This night David was very drawn to the Nativity Scenes - especially Baby Jesus.

 and while Adam was talking to Santa David was kneeling with Jesus

 Adam could not get over all of the lights this night!
 Always fun, silly, and an adventure with these two!
 Our neighbor Suzie caught us one night.

 Our family project for the fourth week of Advent was a gingerbread house.  David loved decorating and Adam loved taste testing:)
 Elfie kept us entertained all week.

 Our home is full of Traditions -
 Memories -
 Reminders of the season -
 And crafts to celebrate the birth of our Savior.
we baked 4 types of cookies this year

we enjoyed each other
 Made new memories
 And a new ornament from each boy
 We added making reindeer food to our list of projects this week

 And this little one has never been as excited about Christmas as this year!
It has been a fast season of Advent and we tried to enjoy every minute!

Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Eve

We were fortunate enough to spend another Christmas Eve with Mimi and Grandpa Ed last night.
We tried for one good family picture ...
David not real happy here or
 here -
 silly faces here -
 And Adam's cheese face here...
Mommy had to give up.

 Our Goofy Reindeer at church!

 Adam, like David at this age, turned around and greeted everyone in the pew behind us with a Merry Christmas and wanted to know their names.

 Our beautiful church home...
 During the service Adam very loudly continued to ask where Baby Jesus was and any time a baby cried he yelled - I hear Baby Jesus
After church we thought we would try a restaurant this year.  We went to a Japanese Steakhouse thinking it would entertain our boys - they enjoyed it, but we will have diner back at home next year.

 David approximating what the chef was doing with his utensils...
 David had three helpings of salad

 At home the boys looked at the tree one last time before

 changing into their pajamas and choosing Santa's cookies

 Time to put out the reindeer food before going to bed.

Merry Christmas.