Saturday, February 28, 2015

Little Boys

Both of our boys love to hide...

And very much enjoy friends!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Pro Golfer

Greg's dad and Angie's dad both love the game of golf.  Angie growing up had her own clubs and shoes, but no interest in golf.  Greg too, at one point, had his own clubs, but does not have much of an interest in the sport.  Grandpa Ed and Grandad thought maybe one of their grandchildren would take up the game.  Well, Grandpa Ed has 5 grandchildren and Grandad has 4.  And the very last grandson is showing a bit of an interest.  If you ask Adam, "Which is your favorite, basketball, golf, soccer, or football, he says, "golf!"
Our little Adam may play the sport - and right now he seems to do it well for only 1 year old.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

This and That

It is so fun to watch the boys play and interact with others after Stroller Strides.  It is still one of our favorite activities every week.

 Adam loves to share with other children - here he is sharing his trucks and cars with Brady.

 David has been very into making his own tacos for lunch and dinner.  He even takes ingredients to school to make them for lunch there.  He often asks Angie to take pictures of his food  - random.  But her are a few creations.  The most unique flavors has to be what he made Saturday for lunch, but no picture was snapped.  It was avocado and broccoli with cheese.

 One day last week David wanted to be like Greg and "go to work."  He put one of Greg's old work shirts on and grabbed a laptop bag and literally works all day long on different projects.
 In that bag he found his old paci's about 20 of them...
 Adam loves to dress up now too.  He loves to roar and be a tiger.
 On a cold winter evening Angie took the boys out because they had been cooped up for 2 weeks and needed to be out!  They loved it.
 Angie took last Thursday afternoon off because she was worried about Adam.  She brought him home and he was a happy and hungry boy eating lunch which makes for a happy Mama.
 David and Adam have Stroller Strides friends that look like they could be brothers.  David and Logan look like brothers and Adam and Luke look like brothers.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Ed's Surprise

Monday was icy and cold here.  So, we were stuck inside most of the day.  Grandpa Ed dropped off a little surprise for these guys.  They were so excited to have something unexpected waiting for them.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

21 Months

How is it that this little boy is only 3 months away from 2?  Oh how we enjoy this baby boy.
 He is still a happy baby.  But still doe NOT sleep through the night!
Adam is talking more in sentences than single phrases.  He wants to always participate in what ever his brother is doing.  He still prefers meat to any vegetable or fruit.  He is not much of a bread eater.
Adam is enjoying cars, trucks, trains, basketball, soccer, football, and golf.  He also loves to run races with our family.  He is showing athletic ability at his young age along with very controlled small motor skills.  He enjoys puzzles, music, Baby Einstein and painting as well.  But is all time favorite thing - Books!
We enjoy this little life and his joy every single day.
Happy 21 months Adam Samuel.
We love you!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Fire Station February

For a little over a week we have been fighting RSV in our house.  We are at the tail end, but not much has happened.  We are thankful for Greg's parents who are still willing to watch our children and love them well while they are sick and we don't have to miss work.
Mimi took David back to the fire station Friday so that he could have a little fun.   Adam was homebound and happy with Grandpa Ed.  Hopefully soon Adam will get to start enjoying these trips too.  David was Adam's age when Mimi began taking David to the fire station.

Saturday, February 14, 2015


This week was low key for us.  The boys have not been feeling great.  We were supposed to have 24 of our friends over for a valentine party on Wednesday, but Tuesday after work Angie cancelled because we had one little guy with fever.  So instead on Wednesday we painted...

 After pouring paint all over his p.j.'s Adam finished painting in a diaper...

 And that evening we made cookies to give to David's teachers at school on Thursday...
Adam did great pouring a big heavy glass measuring cup!  David was cutting up the butter...
 Each little boy was given one egg to crack. David cracked his egg, but Adam...
 tossed his in the bowl...  See the whole egg in there?
Funny thing is when David was the age Adam is now, Angie made cookies with him and he did the same thing...(2012)

 It is fun to watch David proud of Adam...  he is a great big brother.
 Waiting on the cookies...

 David 2012 Waiting on the cookies...
 This morning the boys woke up to find their valentine goodies...

 And Mommy and Daddy had a surprise in the mail from David's school...
 These boys made cards for a few important people this year!
 And we felt loved this year by many special people too!
Happy Valentine's Day!