Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A Trip to the City

On Friday Mimi and Ed took the boys into the big city by the train.  They boys rode the Metro into Austin to visit Fire Station 1 - the only station in the city that still has a Fire Poll.
This was Adam's first visit to a fire station with Mimi and Ed.  He LOVED it.  So did David, of course. 
It is nice that Mimi and Ed create fun memories with our boys while we are working. 
Here is a series of snap shots Mimi e-mailed us throughout the morning and it was a fun pick me up to receive on Friday!
Waiting to get on the train...
Adam loved the train ride!
 Adam drove the fire truck...
And so did David! - That smile:)
 Future Fire Fighters, maybe?
 They let David spray the fire hose - he watered the trees...

 Then David asked to see inside the ambulance...
 The firefighters wanted David to feel how heave the Ax is...
 Before leaving the firefighters asked some men to slide down the pole for the boys to see - but they were so fast Mimi did not capture a picture... before hopping back on the train there was a little snack break at Starbucks.
What a great adventure into the city with Mimi and Ed!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Biker Baby

Saturday Angie walked out to the garage to see Adam like this...
He had climbed onto David's motorcycle, put on David helmet (backwards) and was riding... this baby is not a baby:(

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Neighborhood Easter Hunt

We truly love how small our neighborhood is.  We have many events at our pool/amenity center which is on our street.  It is great.  We can walk down, play, take a small break and rest, then go back.  Yesterday was the Easter Hunt.  David saw friends from school and friends from his soccer team. Angie saw preschool moms and Greg was able to spend lots of time with our boys.  We had another great Saturday!
Walking to the park...
 First up was a petting zoo - baby chicks
 Adam did not love the chick- he did not hate it but the little girl next to him had a hedgehog and that was much more interesting...
 Next, out came the bunnies... both boys loved the bunnies!

 After that was the 0-3 Egg Hunt - Adam getting ready...

 David jumped in to help Adam...

 Then it was time for the 4-5 Egg Hunt... Angie had taken Adam back home for a little bit and missed this - thankful for pictures!

 Adam entertaining himself while David stood in line for face painting...

 David decides on a shark army man...
 The shark...
 And the Army man arms...
 Can you see that chomp, chomp, chomp?

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Its Cool If You Are 4!

In the car...
David: Mom, do you think we can get a convertible?
Angie: Probably Daddy would go for that when you are older.
David: No, lets get a van!
Angie: Why do you want a van?
David: Because vans are cool!

Friday, March 27, 2015

A Third Visit with Oreo

Well David was too bring Oreo home over Spring Break.  However, there was a mix up and he was left at school.  So David's teacher let us have him Tuesday, but he had to go back Thursday so that this weeks line leader could have him for the weekend.
With that said we packed a busy day and a half with Oreo.  David sure does love this treat of bring Oreo home.  Wednesday at about 2:00 he told Angie that Oreo needed to have more fun at our house... so off we went to do more fun!
Here is a glimpse of our time with Oreo!
Tuesday When David arrived home from school he gave Oreo a bit of milk.
 Then David decided it was Oreo's birthday.
 David took Oreo upstairs to the playroom and made him a birthday hamburger.

 After David ate his dinner and took his bath we celebrated with birthday cupcakes.

 Wednesday morning we went to Stroller Strides for Superhero dress up day.

 While Adam took his nap David took Oreo on a motorcycle ride.
 When Adam woke up we went to the park.  Here is David with Oreo in the "Secret Laboratory."
 They also traveled with their swords to the park to protect themselves.

Now Oreo is off to Avelyn's house for another great weekend with a Panda Pal friend.