Saturday, December 31, 2016

Christmas 2016

We had another fun Christmas with our very generous families.  The boys were thrilled for Christmas morning to finally arrive.
Santa brought David an art desk and a robot puppy.
 Santa brought Adam a train table with extra track, trains, and bridges.
He also brought them both a Spider Swing to share.
David was the first awake on Christmas morning - 3:00am.  Angie sat with him until 6:00 when he was finally allowed downstairs.
Then Adam asked to come down, he thought it might be a little early for such bright lights.
Playing with Santa's gifts!

Checking to see if the reindeer ate their treats - they did!
 Time to check stockings!
 And open gifts from Mama and Daddy

 David got new boots on Christmas morning.
He also went shopping at his school store.  Here he is giving us his gifts.  He was actually very thoughtful.
 Adam got a dinosaur set!
 And Daddy was gifted a back scratcher!
 Mama was gifted a new set of earrings.
After gifts and packing up the car...
 we headed to Mimi and Grandpa Ed's for more gifts.

 David has wanted this for almost a year!

Adam got paints from Uncle Jason and wanted to paint right away!
 After breakfast at Mimi's we packed up and headed to Houston with Angie's family.

 And more presents.

 Lila and Grandad took a break to watch a movie away from the noisy boys.
Adam loved this room too.  Uncle Rusty put on Sprout TV and he was in Heaven.

 The boys having so much fun!

 Adam just watching all of his new trains!
Hanging out with Daddy and a plate of fudge.
 Then he helped himself to another helping of fudge.
 Daddy and his boy!
 After a full Christmas day we headed to Gram and Grandad's house.
The day after Christmas we had another Christmas morning.
Greg had to leave quickly to get back to Austin as he had patients scheduled.  So he quickly opened his gifts and left.
 Then it was on for another morning full of surprises!

 All of the new things to play with and Angie caught David outside, singing to himself, riding his horse, just having the best time.

 Gram and Grandad came back with us to Austin to help Angie take down all of the Christmas decorations and organize all of the new stuff.  That is a huge gift itself!!!
Before they left Gram and Grandad gave the boys one last surprise.  A little money for their savings accounts!  This was really a gift for Angie and Greg!

So many blessings this year.  We hope that all of you had a time spent with family or friends.
Merry Christmas.