Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Morning

We have been so busy during the season of Lent.   We have had fun activities with family and friends.  And we want to document it all, but we will begin with Easter morning and work our way backward in the next few weeks.
We had such a beautiful Easter service at church.  Truly one of the best in many years and we love our church so that is saying something.  The music was great and the message even better.  Maybe it is because our boys are beginning to understand the significance of such a day or maybe it is because as we get older and parent longer we continue to be amazed at the sacrifice of Jesus... either way this Easter was one that will be remembered for a long time.
The boys were also excited about the Easter bunny.  David could not fall asleep Saturday night until we finally let him look out his window at the backyard.  He insists he saw the Easter bunny when he came downstairs at 2:00am.  Adam was hopping all over the family room Sunday morning.  He was so excited about  eggs.  This is such a fun time - these two and the little things that bring such great joy!
The night before Easter David made a carrot hunt for the bunny.  HE hid carrots around the house and left this note...
Here is a little snack
But it is also a fun snack
Find all of the 4 carrots.
We should have paid attention to David - the bunny did not know where the carrots were hidden.
 The bunny's note back to David...

 The bunny left a train of jelly beans from the family room, through the kitchen and out to the backyard where the eggs were hidden.

A side note - our boys, neither one, will wear pajamas anymore...
 He found his note...

 Looking at the eggs waiting for Adam to wake up
 Adam is awake...

  Time for church...

 Mimi and Grandpa Ed went with us...
 We hope your Easter was filled with the love of Jesus, friends and family!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

2 Years 10 Months

Adam!  This is how you would find him most of the time at our house, full of life, having fun, lots of smiles, and minimum clothing.  He can be incredibly focused for a two year old, but also full of energy.  And he has grown our hearts again this month!
Adam continues to enjoy books, singing, dancing, and playing.  He does not like to be interrupted in his play. 
He now really loves bananas.  And eggs have made it back on his menu.
Adam still has a sweet heart and wants to make sure everyone is happy.  He does not like timeout.  He does like to share. 
He is becoming more daring at the park, climbing more, running faster, and announcing that he is a big boy!
This little cowboy sings himself to sleep and when he wakes up he wants to stay and play in his bed before we get him up.  If we go in too soon he asks us to leave and come back later. 
He has a great imagination just like his older brother and both love to pretend play!  It is so much fun to watch their imaginary worlds come to life together.
Adam Samuel we are so thankful for you.  You bless us every single day!
Happy 58 months.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Cowboy Cookout

Before Spring Break David had his cowboy cookout at school.  This event is for Dad's only.  So, there is a lack of pictures, but I know that Greg and David had a really fun time together.
We cannot believe this is his last cowboy cookout.  We love his school.
 A change of accessories from his home picture - different hat, no rope, added a bandanna

 David made this stick horse this year - he loves it!

Monday, March 14, 2016

David Selfies

When your five year old asks for your phone so he can take a selfie... he did ask for Mama to be in it too.  And he learned this vocabulary and practice from his teenage cousins.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Serving Hearts

David loves to go to Serving Hearts.  This week we decided to let Adam nap.  It was a good thing because this project would have been a little difficult for him.  They colored sun catchers with the residents.  David worked so hard and spent so much time on his.  He did a great job.  He also told the residents around him encouraging things as they were working.  One lady had a very unsteady hand and David encouraged her to keep trying.  Another was almost blind and David told her that her design was awesome.  His little heart is shining on these days!