Wednesday, August 31, 2016

First Day of Preschool

Adam is officially a preschooler.  And he is so excited to be a Speckled Frog.  Again, we are so thankful that Adam has two great teachers that will grow his love of learning.  Thinking about Adam last year as David was starting his last year of preschool - now Adam is starting - how much change a year brings.
And when David was three, his first year of preschool, Adam was three months old... no more babies in our house.
Adam had his first school project.  He had to make an All About me Page that will be turned into a class book.  He took this very seriously.  He chose the family picture he wanted to add.  He also went shopping for stickers that he wanted to include.  He did not like any of Angie's suggestions.  He ended up with rainbows, puppies, and planes.

This was David's at age 3...
 This was something that Angie wanted for herself.  This is so funny to look back on.
Here is David's from age 3...
I don't even remember David going to school with a scribble for his name.
 Our BIG boy!  Oh how we swell with pride over him

A look back at another happy boy on his first day of school...

 At school... his lunch box was a little heavy he said.
 Kind of like this...
 Outside waiting for school to start...
 Tried to snap a picture of Adam giving his teacher a hug... Mom was too slow.
 he was ready to play!
 Good Bye Daddy!
 Adam's first note home from school.  He was teacher helper yesterday.  And it just so happens that was David's job at kindergarten yesterday too.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Kinder Neighbors

The Sunday afternoon before the first day of school all of the kindergartners in our neighborhood met at the pool for a swim party.  Unfortunately it was a cloudy rainy day.  We all stayed for about an hour so that the little ones could meet each other.  David's two good friends were there and one is in his class this year.
Here are the kindergartners from our neighborhood!

Monday, August 29, 2016

Loose Tooth

Friday night David was so tired from four full days of kindergarten.  We were trying to get him to bed a little early.  Angie was laying with him until he was to fall asleep.  He was almost asleep when he sat straight up and gasped.  He yelled Mama!  Angie was thinking there was a spider or something. No, it was David's first loose tooth!  He asked Angie to wiggle it ans sure enough it was a tiny bit loose.  And right there her heart broke just a little bit more knowing that it is one more step to being an older bigger boy.
As he lay there wiggling his tooth he asked, "Mom, is the Easter Bunny Real?"  After a conversation he then asked, 'Is Santa Claus Real?"  More Conversation.  Then he came around to " Is the Tooth Fairy Real?"  He is a thinker and always trying to figure things out.
For now he believes, but knowing that he is questioning - its heartbreaking.  His innocence is so sweet - growing up is hard on the babies and the Mama's
That tooth kept him up for an hour with excitement.  He is the only one of his friends that has yet to loose a tooth and so this is BIG news!
His bottom left tooth - it will not be there much longer.  By Saturday morning it was so much more loose than Friday at 9:00 pm.  This may be the last image we have with all of those beautiful baby teeth!

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Kindergarten Recap

After David got home and settled on the first day of kindergarten I asked him about his day.  I was able to take off the first day so I could be home to get him off of the bus.  So I was able to film him!
It has been hard working everyday this week.  By the time I pick the boys up they are tired and don't want to chat about their day.  So ,thankful I thought to grab the camera on the first day !.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Preschool Orientation

Yesterday morning Adam had preschool orientation.  He was ready for school. Wednesday morning he woke up and asked if it was his turn to go to school.
He went for one hour while Greg and I attended a parent meeting.  He walked in confidently - he was the first child to enter the building and he bolted for the door.  He met his teacher and never looked back.
After our big parent meeting we went back to the classroom where the teacher talked with all of the parents.  The teacher asked if any parents had questions.  Adam got up from his chair went over to her and said, "I love you."
He had a great time.  He is ready for Tuesday!  He will be a Speckled Frog this year on Tuesday's and Thursday's.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

First Bus Ride

David had his first ever bus ride on Tuesday.  He chose to ride rather than having Angie pick him up.  However, the reality of that choice set in at school and he became very nervous.  He made it home with lots of encouragement and some tears.  Growing up is hard.
Adam was so excited for David to get off of the bus!  As soon as he saw David he said, "David how was your day in kindergarten?"
These two are so sweet to each other!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

3 Years 3 Months

And just like that he is a little boy.  In the last month Adam has lost so much babiness.  He begins preschool in less than a week. 
He is building with Legos, running, jumping, climbing, and doing all things boys love!
He is still a picky eater.  We are working on that.  He still enjoys books, music, but now his biggest love is dinosaurs.  He stomps and roars around all of the time.  And we love it!
He is such a happy boy, full of joy.  He makes others feel happy too. 
Adam you are a gift and we are so thankful for your sweet smiles, silly laughs, and lovely singing.  Happy 39 Months!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

First Day of Kindergarten

Launching David into the world of public education was difficult this morning.  Walking out the door and leaving David behind might be the hardest thing I have ever done as a parent.  It is not because he isn't ready - he is.  And it is not because I don't think he will be successful - he will be.  My heart aches because I know he will thrive and he is doing it without me.  He is becoming less dependent and that is a fact that is hard to swallow.  Greg continues to remind me that this is a celebration.  We have a healthy capable little boy ready to face the world of kindergarten. Roots and Wings -it sounds easier than the reality of living that!
This is a year of firsts.  After 17 years of being in public education I am now a public school parent.  And that is a hard side to be on.
Our last night before kindergarten reading:
 David woke up at 5:45 and went outside to be a night ninja.  This is how I always want to remember him, creative, funny, happy, silly, and innocent.

We came back in and had a first day breakfast. 
 David got a little eraser car for a back to school tool!
 Ready for Kindergarten!

 Adam wanted to wish him a good day too!

 David with his Assistant Principal, Mrs. Schock.
 And into kindergarten he goes.
 Lunch Choice
 And table seat.
We left him, upset and crying.  I have never seen him so upset and not been able to make it better.
We hope that he has a great year, makes lots of friends, and that he knows how much he is loved!