Friday, September 30, 2016

Knight Protection

Mimi is back from London and now we have 2 knights protecting our kingdom.  These boys are so much fun!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Foodie Kids

Adam and Angie had a Mama Adam day on Monday.  After Stroller Strides they went to Foodie Kids with their Stroller Strides friends.  This was a favorite of David's when he was little.  But since Adam had been born no one had gone.  WE may all go back soon!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Ins and Outs

David's teacher shared a car he made during Choice Workshop.  This is an initiative Angie brought to our school district.  She has spent the last two years planning and getting funding.  This year she has trained 90 kinder teachers and all 34 elementary principals, along with every executive director and our superintendent on this work.  And here our little guy is benefitting.  So worth it!
 Grandad had to come watch the boys in the period of no air.  Poor Grandad was stuck for 2 days in the heat.
 The last night of the "2 week campout."
 We would find Adam like this every night.  He could not stay on his mattress.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

School Dress Up

David's class had incentives to earn pledges for their Fun Run at school.  They earned costume day and pajama day.  So much fun to be a kindergartener!
David loves dress up so he has several options at home.  She tried to talk him into a cooler choice knowing he has 2 recess times and it was a PE day.  No luck.  He wore this all day!  He even got off of the hot school bus with it still on!

 HIs teacher is so great about sharing what happens each day!
 Pajama Day.  Well our boys are not pajama wearers.  So, we don't have choices that fit.  It just happened that the day pajama day was earned a neighbor dropped off a bag of clothes and pajamas were in their.  And they were warm weather appropriate.
David's teacher greeted him with her typical morning, "Welcome to Kindergarten."  Then she added, "You are a Ready Rocket."  Which she had heard of from me and two more of her students. Then his teacher added, "And you are a Guevara Star."  She saw his pj's and thought of that lovely getting right on the spot.  We love the way she already knows so much about each student and makes them feel important upon entering her classroom.

Monday, September 26, 2016

A Day With No Air

So our air ended up being out for almost w week - no air up or down and it was hot.  The boys never complained and loved sleeping in the living room for two weeks.  But Angie was ready for air
These men came to our house and were the absolute nicest people.  They engaged Adam all day long.  They talked to him about their tool tools, dinosaurs, and air conditioner parts.
Then David came home from school and quickly wanted to join the men in working.  They never once complained.
And as they spent all day in the hear, in the attic, and were ready to go home at 6:00pm, David requested a picture with the men and their truck.  They were happy to do it and this turned into a great day for our boys!

Angie and Adam went to HEB early because she knew they would have a long day in the heat.  IT was already 90 degrees in the house at 8:00am.  They got a little cool air before heading back home.
 And then when they arrived the men were already their working.  Adam was fascinated.  This man, Lee, loved talking to him about dinosaurs.

 Then Adam realized that they were taking the air conditioner away he became so sad.  Here he is saying good bye to the air conditioner.

 HE continued to watch the work happening inside too...
 He took a break to play.
Angie and Adam headed to the park to wait for David to get off of the bus.
David came home and could not wait to get right into the action.

 Such a great team!
 After they left the boys played air conditioner man for 2 hours!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Fun Run at School

 Ready to Run!  He was excited!




David's teacher is truly the best teacher we could have asked for this year.
She, like his teacher last year, is truly a gift.

Parents walked the last lap.  David had a big crowd - Grandpa Ed was there too!

 Guevara's Stars!
35 plus laps for David!
David's teacher is a mom of five and her youngest is a kinder kiddo this year too!
David's principal Ms. Ionotti and assistant principal Ms. Schock.  We love the them.
Ms. Schock lived next door to us for 10 years and her youngest of three is at our school this year too.  Angie remembers holding him as a baby.
After a hard morning of running Angie brought Da vid a lunch of champions - Chick-Fil-A!