Wednesday, May 31, 2017

A Day at the Park

These days are the best.  At home with each other just enjoying the simple things.

Just like his older brother - boots and shorts.  This never ever gets old!

 So Strong!

Monday, May 29, 2017

Summer Cuts

We have been trying to talk David into a haircut for a couple of months... and he just wanted long hair.  Angie gave in because summer feeling set in.
Well then last week he decided he wanted a true cut.  He told the hair dresser exactly what he wanted - sticking up in the front and short in the back.  He had clippers used on his hair for the first time in his life... 7, growing up.
He was so excited about his haircut.

 Adam really wanted spikey hair too.  He loves to get his haircut.  But he does not like his curls so we have to be careful when talking about his hair.  He is sensitive.  He calls them a bow and thinks they make him look like a girl.  So here is Adam's spikes!  If only he knew how much Mama loves those curls on his head.
 Two boys ready for summer!

Waco Staycation

Saturday we decided to take a little road trip to Waco.  Its not too far and there are lots of things that the four of us enjoy - mostly the zoo. 
But to get to Waco you have to pass through Georgetown - And Greg's favorite restaurant is there.  So, our first stop was breakfast at Monument CafĂ©.
These three faces - there is simply nothing better.

 4 year old smiles - what happened to the sweet grins?

 Mickey Mouse Pancake - he only wanted the chocolate.
 And giant cinnamon roll - he said it was too sweet and ate Greg's biscuits instead.

 If you have never visited Cameron Park Zoo - you need to go.  It is a great zoo.  The animals are always out and active.  It is small.  And the animals are really close in proximity to the viewing areas.
These two read the map and deiced what we should see first.

 We even saw our friends The Groff's at the zoo.

 Adam loved seeing Nemo and Dory.

sliding through the Otters!


 Adam was most excited to see the Lions

 After the zoo we headed to the National Park where 19 mammoths were discovered.  We thought the boys would love seeing the bones.  There was an actual paleontologist there working on cleaning and trying to put together many of the pieces of rib bones that had been taken out.  The boys talked to her for a long time and told her about their Grandad finding a mammoth at his elementary school.

 This was the size of the animal you have seen the bones for.  There were 19 discovered here - an entire heard.  But most have been taken out - there are only 2 at this dig site.

 After that we had a late lunch at the Magnolia Silos.  A little BBQ from one of the food trucks.

 Adam was asleep in about 2 minutes - he ate one bite and then asked to sit in the stroller.
 David played for a few minutes and then we headed back to the car.  We were hot and tired - but we all had a great family day!