Thursday, June 22, 2017

Vacation Bible School

Last week we had another great week at VBS, or BBS, as Adam calls it.  This was Angie's 14th year to volunteer at our church on the music team for VBS and this was the first year both boys were officially in VBS.  Out church has VBS for 4 years old - 5th grade.
We had so much fun singing in the car on the way to church each morning and planning our afternoon on the way home.  WE would leave at 7:30 each morning and return home by about 1:30.  And spending that time together was the absolute best.
Here is a peek at our week.

 Adam is always looking for a reason to hold David's hand.

 Tuesday: Crazy Hair Day.  The boys requested stripes.

 Our Missions this year was to collect toothbrushes for our church in El Salvador

 Adam is assembly
 David in art

Wednesday: Neon Day

 The boys LOVE Gracie and only get to see her VBS each year.  About three years ago her family moved,. but they still come back every year for VBS.

 Adam playing games with his class.


Thursday: Pajama Day:

Friday: Silly Sock Day:
The boys thought tall soccer socks were silly enough.

On Friday during assembly David was chosen to play a game.  He loved that!

 He won a squishy ball.
Here is Adam during  his last Assembly Friday morning.  Preschool is much more calm than k-3 assembly.
 Then it was time to practice on the big stage in The Home for Hope for the Friday night show.
Adam had picked out hos spot the day before when Angie was marking the stage.  He knew exactly where he wanted to stand.

 Here is David at rehearsal.

 The Friday Night Show!  They were both looking forward to this.
 Adam with our church preschool director.  We love Ms. Kate.

 David with our children's pastor for K-3.  Ms. Susan has been a part of David's life since before he was born.  This lady is so very special.  Her heart for God and for children is just incredible!
 The show: