Sunday, August 13, 2017

A Weekend in Dallas

Greg grew up just outside of Dallas until he was about 10.  So he likes to go back and show the boys part of his childhood.  And the boys like to go to Dallas.

Road Warriors!

 We met one of Greg's childhood friends in Dallas on our way into town.  These are two of his three boys.

 Settling in at our hotel

 Then off to Medieval Times.  David in his Chain Mail from Mimi and ADam in his Knight Shirt from Mimi.  She brought both back from London about a year ago and the boys wanted to dress the part!  This age is so much fun!

 Adam chose a new shield as we waited for our seats.
 David chose armor, which we had at home, but did not bring.

 Greg said, "Why is it so hard to say no to him?"  And it is so hard.

 David watched everything so intently... he loved this so much!

 We were in the Red Knight section.  David's favorite color.

 Our Red Knight!

 Eating dinner with his fingers - his usual way!
 Watching so intently.

 so much fun to watch these two seeing things for the first time!
 On the edge of his seat!
 He ate and ate - which is so unusual for him.
 And then Adam couldn't hang on any longer and fell asleep about 6:30.

 David ready for battle as he watched the red Knight!
 Our family picture (can't figure out why it is loading sideways)
Back at the hotel.  So much fun on day 1.
 Day 2.  We woke and headed downstairs for breakfast with two little knights.
 After breakfast we headed to the Perot museum.

 The boys loved building their own bird.

 They had a computer where you could with your body fly a bird and watch it on a screen.

 Dinosaurs were a favorite.
 See that T-Rex in the background... they loved it!

 Tiny David

 Angie was excited that the boys might want to look at gems... it lasted for only one case.
 Then they saw this!

 Water Cycle

 Making a prosthetic hand move with the help of Daddy

 Running as fast as a...
You could choose the animal or person you wanted to race.  They had famous athletes, animals, and even dinosaurs.

 After a long morning at the museum we headed to Gas Monkey Bar and Grill.  Greg likes to watch the show Fast and Loud.  This is the restaurant that is owned by the owner of the Gas Monkey Garage on that show.

 David made his first independent purchase.  He really wanted a hat and went to buy it all by himself.
 Adam was so tired!

 After naps back at the hotel it was time to head to Greg's hometown of Mesquite for the rodeo!

 We drove by to see his childhood home.
 And then headed to the rodeo!

 The boys did not get chosen for Muttin' Bustin'.  But they did go out for the calf scramble.
 Here is Adam up on the big screen.
 And they are off.
 I marked the picture of where David is in the front and Adam is in the back.

 They didn't get the calf, but they had fun!

 Angie knows she will miss the day when they no longer want to hang all over her.

 This bull rider, Casey Foster, was from Angie's hometown of Crosby.

And that is how we ended a great trip to Dallas.
We headed back home early Sunday morning because it was a work week for Angie and Greg.  But we stopped at Bucee's on the way home and that was another highlight for David.


  1. What a busy weekend! Medieval times looks fun! Were there many calves in the calf scramble? I don't see any in the pictures.

  2. As Lila would say, "Have fun on your field trip." Oh, such a fun filled family field trip of history and science. We love the family photo!
    Love ya'll Grandad and Gram